Occupancy Solutions #4

Overcoming Objections During Your Demonstration and Tour

By: Elaine Simpson Founder:Occupancy Solutions LLC.

As you welcome in your prospective residents to your community, you may be braced for all of the questions they will likely ask. In many instances, apartment managers and leasing staff prepare themselves for the onslaught of complaints and discouraging comments that potential renters may have. You may even find yourself giving up as soon as you hear the first “I don’t really like this…” Instead, learn how to overcome objections and turn more prospects into renters.


Perhaps the best way to overcome objections is to counter with a direct benefit of what the individual isn’t happy with. For example, he or she may say the kitchen is somewhat small. You can say, “It has everything you’ll need, plenty of storage, and with the slightly smaller space, you have more space devoted to the living room.” The key here is to find a way to overcome the complaint with a benefit.


Perhaps one of the biggest concerns that apartment managers and leasing professionals have to manage is the complaint about the cost. No matter how affordable or in-line with the market the rental rates are, many people will still feel the need to complain about the rent. A good way to overcome this concern is to simply show them the facts. Provide recent market comparison reports of your competition and area apartments with the same features and size and show how your community is directly in line if with those locations.


The most important component of the entire demonstration or apartment tour is to fight for the right resident. If this potential resident has the right qualifications and you know the space will work well for them, work to overcome any objections presented. The key is not to give up even if you hear 10 different complaints throughout the tour.

By offering the right prospective client the right counter and working to overcome price objections, it is more likely that you’ll show the individual the clear benefits of your community. There’s no reason to lie or exaggerate to get the lease. It’s best to be honest and open to the client and express your desire for them to become a resident.



Ms. Simpson

With over 26 years of experience in the multifamily industry, Elaine Simpson founded Occupancy Solutions, LLC to provide site operations, marketing, leasing consulting and training services for multifamily professionals of market rate, senior and affordable housing communities throughout the United States. Occupancy Solutions, LLC, recognizes and tailors to the unique operational, marketing and leasing challenges faced by their clients to assist distressed communities with proven cost effective techniques and strategies to achieve optimal occupancy while realizing ideal rents and reducing expenses.

Ms. Simpson is a National Speaker, NAA EI Faculty Member, Michigan licensed real estate broker, a Certified Senior Real Estate Specialist, an Accredited Resident Manager and a Certified Assisted Housing Manager.