Rent Collection

Did a tenant leave owing you rent money? Put it on their credit report and they’ll have to deal with you before they can get another apartment, car loan or credit card. AAOA is partnered with Rent Recovery Service, a collection agency that specializes in collecting delinquent rent. With credit bureau reporting and both flat fee debt collection and contingency based debt collection, they’ve been able to collect over $135 million from delinquent tenants. Sign up today and get your money back!

Recover Your Money

Use Rent Recovery Service rent collection agency


  • Flat Fee Collection Services

    Flat Fee Collection Services

    Rent Recovery Service’s unique flat fee option allows you to register yourself as a landlord and then turn your delinquent tenants over for collections. The entire process is handled by you online.

  • Report to the Credit Bureaus

    Report to the Credit Bureaus

    You are just a few mouse clicks away from reporting delinquent tenants for a small flat fee. If the tenant pays the debt you may cancel the collection to either remove the negative mark from their credit or have it show as a paid collection.

  • No Court Judgment Required

    No Court Judgment Required

    You don’t need to take the tenant to court to collect their debt, all you need to do is show that rent is owed. If you have gone to court and have not received payment, you can also use Rent Recovery Service.