Rent Collection

Rent Collection

Did a tenant leave owing you rent money? Put it on their credit report and they’ll have to deal with you before they can get another apartment, car loan or credit card. The next time a landlord or property manager runs a tenant background check be sure your delinquent rent debt appears! AAOA is currently evaluating new collection agencies that specializes in collecting delinquent rent. AAOA has helped its members collect delinquent rent by recommending collection agencies that offer credit bureau reporting and both flat fee debt collection and contingency based debt collection. We’ve assisted members in recovering over $150 million from delinquent tenants.

AAOA is not a debt collection agency, we do not specialize in delinquent rent collection. The collection agencies we recommend are a 3rd party debt collectors who have been successfully recovering delinquent rent, late rent, and unpaid rent for AAOA members.

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We are currently evaluating 3rd party debt collection agency partners.


  • Flat Fee Collection Services

    Flat Fee Collection Services

    Some debt collection agencies offer to recover rent and other delinquent receivables with a flat fee option. This would allow you to register yourself as a landlord and then turn your delinquent tenants over for collections. The entire process is handled by you online. Allowing you to move on from bad tenants and start the tenant screening process for new applicants.

  • Report to the Credit Bureaus

    Report to the Credit Bureaus

    A key factor in selecting a debt collection agency is one that reports to all 3 major credit bureaus. If the tenant pays the debt you may cancel the collection to either remove the negative mark from their credit or have it show as a paid collection. Depending on the collection agency you may keep 100% of any money collected while on the flat fee program.

  • No Court Judgment Required

    No Court Judgment Required

    You don’t need to take the tenant to court or fill out landlord legal forms to collect their debt, most collection agencies simply require you to do is show that rent is owed. If you have gone to court and have not received payment, you can still hire a collection agency recover lost rent, damages, and legal fees.




Flat Fee Delinquent Rent Collection Service 

When your tenant stops paying their rent, the additional costs of hiring an attorney or expensive debt collection agency just adds insult to injury.  Flat fee collection agencies to recover rent, damages, and legal fees are available to get landlords their unpaid rent without the exorbitant fees associated with a traditional contingency rent collection agency or the necessity of going to court. 

You do not need a court judgment to use a flat fee collection agency’s services. Proof of the delinquency is all you need. Additionally, you can utilize a collection agency to collect the unpaid rent awarded to you if you have already received a judgment against the tenant. 

Flat fee rent collection services are generally only available online and might include: 

  • Processing, printing and mailing an effective collection letter to your prior tenant by the next business day.

Your delinquent tenant will receive a professional letter from a licensed debt collection agency advising them of exactly how much they owe you and instructions on how to satisfy their debt to you. If you order a multiple letter package, follow-ups are mailed at regular intervals. 

  • Reporting the tenant to the three main credit bureaus (Transunion, Equifax and Experian). 

At the same time the rent collection letter is dispatched, your tenant’s delinquency will immediately be reported to the three major credit bureaus, thereby warning other landlords and businesses that this person does not follow through on their financial obligations. Their credit score will most likely be lowered and other creditors will be wary of doing business with someone who has a history of chronically unpaid rent.  

Once the tenant has paid their delinquent rent, the collection order can be cancelled. The negative entry will be removed from their credit report or you can have it shown as a paid collection. 

If you need to step up your efforts to collect the money owed to you, most flat fee collection services will provide an instant rollover feature enabling you to easily transfer the account to the contingency collection program. 

A flat fee collection service should not include a commission or contingency fee. Payment will usually come directly to you from the tenant in the return envelope along with a paystub provided by the collection agency 

You keep 100% of the money collected without completing any legal forms or taking the tenant to court. 

past due letter from rental collection agency

Flat Fee Debt Collection Options 

For small additional fees, your collection service might be enhanced by the following options: 

  1. Certified Mail with Tracking. In order to be certain that your collection letter has been received, Rent Recovery Services offers the option to send the letter Certified Mail with a signature required and a USPS tracking number. Subsequent letters are sent first class mail. 
  2. Collection Service Call Center. A trained collection agent will call your tenant up to four times in order to complete one call. Pursuant to consumer protection laws, no message will be left.  

Contingency Collection Service 

While the flat fee delinquent rent collection service is very effective, some clients prefer to utilize the contingency collection services for their more recalcitrant tenants. 

Payment for this service is dependent upon the successful recovery of a part or all of the renter’s debt to you. The fee is a portion of the delinquent rent collected. If the collection agency is unsuccessful, you will not have to pay anything. Many collection agencies offer a team of licensed investigators, attorneys and collection experts for contingency collections ensure persistent attempts and will not quit on your account until you have received the money due to you. 

Most collection agencies do not limit itself to only delinquent renters; any type of debt can normally be collected.


Recover Your Money

We are currently evaluating 3rd party debt collection agency partners.