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January 2020

Rent Control and Asset Protection – Don’t Get Blindsided, Protect Your Property and Other Assets

January 21, 2020 | 11:00 am PST | 2:00 pm EST

Join us for a class led by Attorneys Steve Williams, Partner at Fried & Williams LLP, and Brad Barth, Partner at BarthCalderon LLP.

Steve will share his expertise on rent control which may be coming to a city near you (if it hasn’t already). Brad will then incorporate how rent control affects your asset protection plan and what you can do to protect yourself from new and unforseen liabilities.

Learn about:

  • Eviction control
  • Eviction control exemptions
  • Rent control
  • Rent limitation exemptions
  • Common LLC mistakes that lead to liability exposure
  • Inside vs outside liability at your property
  • Bulletproofing yourself from tenant lawsuits
  • How your living trust integrates with your property
  • How to prevent a property liability from attacking your other assets

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March 2020

Taking the Mystery Out of Tax Planning

March 19, 2020 | 11:00 am PST | 2:00 pm EST

Did you know you could paying more in taxes than you are legally responsible to pay? And contrary to popular belief, your CPA or accountant probably doesn’t know the key tax planning strategies that can help you reduce, defer, or eliminate income and/or capital gains taxes.

In this 75 minute webinar, Bruce Jones CEO of TaxWealth Inc., will teach you:

  1. How tax planning fits into a comprehensive financial plan
  2. The components to an effective tax plan
  3. How to find more dollars to invest from your own investment properties (without refinancing)
  4. The different planning options to solve capital gains taxes
  5. Why a 1031 Exchange may not always be the best choice to defer taxes
  6. When kicking the taxes down the road can make a great deal of sense
  7. Why you are likely paying more in taxes than you are legally responsible to pay
  8. Action steps to develop a meaningful plan to reduce, defer or eliminate income and/or capital gains taxes

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