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At AAOA we understand your property management company encounters rental challenges on a daily basis. Thousands of property management companies have trusted us as their go-to resource for rental property management since 2005. Our goal and passion is to provide you with key solutions to help your business grow and run smoothly in the face of those challenges. Whether your company manages single family or multifamily housing, we use our deep knowledge of the industry to make your operations better.

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Top 3 Reasons to Join AAOA

  • Enterprise-Level Services


    Our enterprise-level services include tenant screening, landlord forms, educational programs, and live support all designed around your property management company’s needs. We also provide volume pricing for tenant screening to make your business operations more cost-efficient.

  • Acces Live Support and Training

    Acces Live Support
    and Training

    Our live support team can guide you and your staff through our membership offerings and provide free training to get you transitioned to our platform. Even after signing up, we’ll be with you every step of the way to help you with the challenges you face.

  • Improve Your Competitive Edge

    Improve Your
    Competitive Edge

    As a property management company owner it is crucial to provide your clients with peace of mind that you’re picking the best tenants and managing properties efficiently. As a member of a nationally recognized association you’ll gain added credibility when approaching new clients.