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Real Estate Agents & Brokers

Real Estate Agents & Brokers

As a real estate agent or broker your goal is to save landlords time by finding a tenant that will fill their vacancy and make a good fit in the rental property. In some cases you may also be working with a tenant tired of investing time in unsuccessful rental property searches. In either case, they look to you to search, negotiate, and fill the vacancy efficiently. With AAOA, you’ll have the tools you need to get a tenants screened and moved in hassle-free into both multifamily and single family units.

Become an AAOA Member

Access the tools you need to manage your properties

Although there are many benefits to become a member with AAOA, below we have highlighted a few that are relevant to real estate agents and brokers such as yourself. Our goal is to make your experience with rental units seamless and fast. Here are a couple ways we accomplish that:

Realtor Showing House

State Specific Landlord-Tenant Forms

The process begins with access to crucial forms for the move-in and move-out process. For instance, you can download a short rental application, a standard lease agreement, addendums, and notices from your account to standardize your processes. This helps you collect the information you need in an organized and compliant manner.

Tenant Screening

Screening the Tenant

Next, you can place an order for a tenant screening report with a full credit report and score to completely verify that your applicant will qualify for the rental. If you have a broker’s license we can set up your account to access report results instantly. Background checks that include eviction and criminal information can also be added on to make your screening process even more thorough.
Our reports are Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) compliant and our date is compiled by members of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners, so you’ll have peace of mind that our results are accurate and compliant with industry standards.



As a member of a reputable, nationwide organization you’ll have the credibility you need to place tenants. You might already be a member of an association for realtors, but those associations are more focused on home purchases. Adding AAOA to your resume shows your relationship to an association specializing in rentals. As a member you’ll receive a free logo you can place on your website or print on your marketing materials and you’ll be sent a certificate you can proudly display to show your commitment to the rental industry.

Live Support


You may be an experienced home seller, but filling vacancies involves different process for which you may need support. Our live customer service team can help you get started and interpret tenant screening results with you to successfully place a tenant. If you’ve worked with tenant screening organizations in the past you probably know most don’t answer phones and can cause you delays that can result in losing a great tenant. We deliver on time and improve your applicant’s experience so they are more likely to sign on the dotted line.