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Landlord Property Management Software

Managing rental properties can be cumbersome for someone new to the industry or a seasoned professional. The paperwork, phone calls, maintenance requests and endless accounting are overwhelming at times. Property management software takes the stress out of this process, making it possible to manage all of those aspects of your property management needs in one convenient portal, saving you time and effort while making your properties more profitable. Whether you are managing a portfolio of single-family homes or a number of multi-family housing units, the right software will make your job easier. Read more

I am an investor/landlord and stumbled upon Azibo. Using the platform at no cost has been awesome. It’s simple and user friendly. Definitely helpful if you’re self managing a few units on your own. I ended up purchasing insurance for one of my new units through the Azibo platform. I’m extremely happy with the price. It was 300 less than the cheapest bids I could find elsewhere. Great experience thus far. Keep up the good work.

Beau E.

Excellent professional job of finding me a replacement landlord policy for my investment property in Abq, NM. Had good experience to answer all of my questions and educate me on certain aspects. Calm demeanor, polite and customer oriented. Great job, really! Made my decision easy to make, saving myself over $165/year for standard Landlord policy on a SFR.

Kevin M.

Extremely satisfied and wish all our renters would accept the invitation to participate. Real Time tracking of rent paid and automatic late fees added according to owner's wishes. It's great that tenants can set themselves up and they seem to have more control than with other platforms.

Karen C.

I want to remain aware of what is occurring but don't want to have to be on call 24/7. This works beautifully for that. It's simple to navigate and doesn't overwhelm.

Sonia S.Owner of 1 rental in Hollins, VA

The best property management software for real-estate investors and entrepreneurs! I travel a lot for business, and I can manage my units from anywhere in the world.

Julian S.Owner of 4 rentals in Denver, CO

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Azibo is the free all-in-one financial platform for landlords & real estate investors. Save time, stay organized, and achieve passive income with tools such as online rent collection, landlord tax prep & accounting software, landlord insurance, tenant screenings, rental applications, and much more.

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What sets them apart:

  • Free online rent collection: Featuring credit, debit & ACH rent payments received within 3 business days
  • Landlord & renters insurance: Get a free quote in minutes – plus, Azibo’s certified insurance agents will review your existing policies and make recommendations
  • Industry-leading financial management: Landlord accounting, tax prep, and banking to optimize your rental finances
  • The perfect tenants within reach: Powerful rental application & tenant screening services available on demand
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