About Us

In 2004, a team of professional property managers joined together to form the American Apartment Owners Association. Our goal was simple – to provide an online network of resources and benefits for landlords and property managers. Since then, AAOA has steadily grown and is now the largest landlord association in the country with more than 149,000 members nationwide.

As our association has grown, so have our member benefits and resources. We’ve consistently introduced new benefits to membership every year to address the growing needs of the property management community.

Whether you own a single rental unit or manage numerous rental units, we offer a variety of services including extensive tenant screening, credit checks, landlord forms, rental applications, and relevant real estate updates.
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Our Mission

To provide superior property management services that will equip landlords to better manage their investment properties.

We understand on a personal level the challenges you face as a property manager or landlord, so we’ve made it our mission to make your job easier. We strive to equip you with the necessary tools to more effectively serve your tenants. We believe that educated landlords make happier tenants and in turn better-quality rental communities. By maintaining professionalism, utilizing our expertise, and investing into our commitment to you, we are able to work towards our mission successfully.

Our Resources

Landlord Forms:

The American Apartment Association offers over 150 essential state-specific landlord forms that are easy to download and print straight from your account. Additionally, many forms like our residential lease agreement offers an easy online guide to create and customize your document. Our members find that our forms have made their rental process much more efficient and thorough. We’ve taken out the guesswork for you by providing accurate and reliable forms that are legally compliant and easy to use, helping you to confidently rent and manage your property. We encourage you to review our full list of landlord legal forms to ensure you are using the right forms for your business.

Tenant Screening:

Perhaps the most beneficial resource we offer is comprehensive and instant tenant background screening services. If you’ve ever managed a rental property you know the importance of running a thorough tenant background check before you make a tenancy decision. Our tenant credit checks for landlords is solution-oriented and efficient, including reports such as credit checks, criminal history, and SSN verifications. Our FCRA compliant reports help you to drastically minimize your risk and find tenants that are reliable.

We understand that time is valuable for busy landlords and property managers. By simply entering in an applicant’s details, you’ll instantly learn whether your applicant has had evictions, criminal convictions, or financial hardships. Ultimately, the decision of who to rent to is yours, but our reports bring clarity and reveal red flags.

Our online service is simple to use for beginners, yet comprehensive enough to serve members with a high volume of units. If you’re new to our association or to property management, there is no need to worry. Our customer service is always available during business hours to answer your questions, so you’ll never have to wonder how to order or read a report.

We know your goal as a property manager is to find a tenant who will pay rent punctually and have a solid background, so we’ve incorporated tenant screening as a benefit for all our members. Select from four affordable tenant screening packages or order a standalone credit report.

Vendor Directory:

Landlords and property owners owning rental properties have to remain in touch with various kinds of vendors that deal with home improvement, apartment repairs, remodeling, and other essential services. The American Apartment Owners Association makes it easy for you to source the best of vendors for maintenance of your property by providing you with a state-based vendor directory that gives you access to countless approved vendors.

Updates and News:

We make every effort to keep landlords informed with the latest real estate news so that you can continue to improve your property management services and decision making. Subscribe to our free e-newsletter for weekly updates or browse our site for the latest news. We aim to educate and equip our members with relevant information from trustworthy sources. Our online archive is accessible to the public and includes thousands of approved articles on topics relevant to landlords.

Our Values

Integrity: We strive to act with honesty and integrity to build trust with our members. We do so by keeping our promises, acting in a fair and considerate way, and always placing our members first.

Solution-Oriented Approach: This value is reflected in our efficient customer service and our useful member benefits. Every service we provide is designed to provide valuable solutions to the challenges you face as a landlord or property manager.

Pursue Growth and Learning: It is our belief that as an association we must constantly evolve to better serve our members. Our goal is to improve our association every day and in turn help you improve as a landlord.

We’d like to thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We offer free as well as upgraded memberships, so select your preferred membership today to start taking advantage of the assistance, education, and resources the American Apartment Owners Association has to offer.