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Residential Rental Lease Agreement

What is a Residential Rental Lease Agreement?
A residential lease agreement, also referred to as a rental agreement, is a contract between the landlord and tenant that sets forth the terms of the rental property. These terms include, but are not limited to: rental location, dates of rental, rent amount, payment methods accepted, deposit requirements, utilities provided, and more.

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Whether you own a single rental property or several, it’s important to develop systems for showing apartments, screening applicants and extending leases. A customizable residential lease form saves you time, because you can change the personal information while keeping the terms of the lease standard across every unit. Learn what is typically covered in a residential lease template and where to get a customizable form for 12-month or month-to-month leases.

What Does a Residential Lease Agreement Template Cover?

A lease agreement covers your responsibilities as the landlord, and the renters’ responsibilities for the lease term. For example, the lease lets renters know where and how to report problems with the apartment, when to pay the rent, and what specific behaviors are prohibited (such as smoking). The lease also spells out tenants’ obligations to you, such as quiet hours or leaving the apartment in move-in ready condition at the end of the lease.

The lease agreement begins with a description of the property and basic personal information on tenants and the landlord. The duration of the lease and terms for renewal are listed, too.

The lease usually spells out which utilities (if any) are covered by the landlord and which renters must cover themselves.

Other common lease terms include subletting clauses, provisions for property damage or the security deposit, and landlord or tenant improvements.

While you can customize your leases with additional clauses (for instance, specifying which, if any, pets are allowed in apartments), your lease must always conform to state laws. Including a clause that violates state laws could nullify the document, which is not something any landlord wants!

For this reason, it is crucial that any lease agreement you use — whether it’s a 12-month lease or a residential lease agreement month to month — be vetted by professionals for legal accuracy and completeness.

Get a Residential Lease Agreement Template

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