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Application to Rent (Comprehensive)

What is an Application to Rent (Comprehensive)?
AAOA's comprehensive application to rent is our most thorough rental application. Where the basic application to rent is a short 2 page document, this comprehensive application to rent is six pages of detailed data gathering. Landlords, owners, and property managers who take the utmost care in screening prospective new tenants should be utilizing this form. The application to rent process is not something that should be rushed, your income property is about to be lived in and maintained by a complete stranger. If the tenant hesitates to properly complete the application that could be an indication of a problem tenant.

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Besides including the consent to tenant screening and background check, this comprehensive form also collects information about their occupation, income and criminal and/or eviction records. Additionally, a 10 year residential employment history, personal, business and family references, multiple income sources and some general tenancy and criminal history questions. All basic details are requested as well including name, social, date of birth, relatives, contacts, pets, and more.

Once you've received a completed rental application the next step is to order a tenant screening report.

AAOA also offers a basic application to rent if you're looking for a less thorough form.

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