Stop Losing Money On
Evictions & Damages…
Use LeaseGuarantee!
FREE for Landlords
Protection up to $10,000
No additional fees
Fill Your Vacancies Faster
Don’t waste time or money waiting for the best tenant. LeaseGuarantee eliminates your risk.
More Protection Than a Security Deposit or Cosigner
With LeaseGuarantee as your safety net, you can reduce or eliminate the deposit or need for a cosigner.
How it Works
Screen a New Tenant with AAOA.
All tenants screened with AAOA’s tenant screening are processed through the LeaseGuarantee Analyzer to qualify them.
Select Your Protection, Up to $10,000.
If your tenant qualifies you will have 10 days to select annual protection of $1,000, $2,500, $5,000, $7,500, or $10,000.
Choose Who Pays, Landlord or Tenant.
Click “Get LeaseGuarantee” on the tenant background check to purchase or invite your tenant to purchase LeaseGuarantee.
Your Rental is Protected!
LeaseGuarantee includes all individuals on the lease agreement up to the amount you selected for 12 months and is renewable.

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LeaseGuarantee Starts at
$199/year for $1,000 protection
$299/year for $2,500 protection
$598/year for $5,000 protection
$897/year for $7,500 protection
$1,196/year for $10,000 protection
* Rates may vary based on the tenant’s screening report

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How AAOA Members Are Using LeaseGuarantee
Carolyn C.
Texas Landlord
Sometimes my applicants have difficulty coming up with enough security deposit. Now, I cut the security deposit in half and have them purchase LeaseGuarantee. With LeaseGuarantee included I get extra protection and it puts less stress on my tenant.
Jorge M.
Florida Landlord
I’ve had bad tenants that cost me more than the security deposit I collected, so I started using part of my security deposit to purchase a $5,000 LeaseGuarantee. It guarantees I’ll get paid if my security deposit doesn’t cut it!
Find out if your tenant qualifies for LeaseGuarantee!
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I get a LeaseGuarantee contract for all my tenants?
If a LeaseGuarantee contract has been offered and paid for one tenant on the lease agreement, then all tenants listed on that lease agreement are included.
How long is the LeaseGuarantee contract good for?
A LeaseGuarantee contract is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase, unless you contact us to request a different starting date.
Is the LeaseGuarantee contract renewable?
Yes, a new LeaseGuarantee contract will be offered to anyone that has maintained or improved their credit status.
How can I get reimbursed?
Login to your AAOA account and click on Tenant Screening in the menu to access your LeaseGuarantee history and request reimbursement. You will need a signed lease agreement, signed rental application, and copy of the court judgment. Your request will be reviewed and we will provide you with a response within 5 business days.
What if my tenant stops paying rent?
If you are unable to negotiate a mutually acceptable settlement with the tenant(s), you must obtain a court judgment against every adult listed on the lease/LeaseGuarantee contract. You will be reimbursed the amount of the judgment up to the maximum LeaseGuarantee contract amount, whichever is less.
Does the LeaseGuarantee contract include all individuals on the lease agreement, even if all of them don’t qualify?
Yes. If at least one individual on the lease agreement qualifies for a LeaseGuarantee contract, all individuals on the lease agreement will be included. In the event of a default, all individuals must be included on the judgment. This includes any tenants that may have already moved out and any co-signers responsible for the lease.
Why do I need to activate the LeaseGuarantee contract within 10 days?
Credit scores may change on a weekly basis. The LeaseGuarantee Analyzer is based on the most recent credit score, so the approval only lasts for 10 days. If the 10 day period passes, you may call (866) 579-2262 to request an extension.
How do landlords use LeaseGuarantee to replace or supplement a security deposit?
Some landlords bill their tenants instead of requiring a security deposit. This lowers the tenant’s move-in costs and protects the landlord. If the tenant doesn’t meet the landlords qualifications, they’ll bill them for LeaseGuarantee in addition to a security deposit. It’s better than asking for a cosigner or higher rent. We’ve also heard that some landlords pay for LeaseGuarantee and charge their tenant higher rent on a monthly basis cover the cost.
If my tenant pays for LeaseGuarantee am I still the beneficiary?
While LeaseGuarantee can be paid by the landlord or tenant, the landlord receives 100% of all the LeaseGuarantee contract benefits!