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Landlord-Tenant Law
  • Sandhill Acres MHC, LC v. Sandhill Acres Home Owners Association 14 May 2019 09:31 am

    This appeal centered on a manufactured housing community owner’s attempt to raise the rent for its homeowner–tenants after installing a new water filtration system and commissioning a report on market rents for comparable manufactured housing communities….

  • Boston Housing Authority v. Y.A. 13 May 2019 05:02 am

    The Supreme Judicial Court reversed a lower court judge’s order of execution on the fifth agreement for judgment between Y.A., an alleged victim of domestic violence, and the Boston Housing Authority (BHA), a covered housing provider, holding that the motion…

  • 159 MP Corp. v Redbridge Bedford, LLC 7 May 2019 07:03 am

    The Court of Appeals affirmed the order of the Appellate Division affirming the judgment of Supreme Court dismissing this declaratory judgment action brought by commercial tenants who unambiguously agreed to waive the right to commence a declaratory judgment…

Real Estate & Property Law
  • Murray v. BEJ Minerals, LLC 20 May 2019 10:00 am

    The en banc court stayed proceedings and certified the following question to the Montana Supreme Court: Whether, under Montana law, dinosaur fossils constitute “minerals” for the purpose of a mineral reservation.

  • Hardy v. Phelps 20 May 2019 09:31 am

    In the early 1980s, Ronald and Donna Phelps purchased seven parcels of property in Mores Creek Heights, a subdivision in Boise County. Two of those seven lots are at issue in this appeal (“Lot 26” and “Lot 27”). On October 1, 2004, the Phelpses recorded…

  • Redding Life Care, LLC v. Town of Redding 20 May 2019 05:01 am

    The Supreme Court reversed the judgment of the appellate court vacating the trial court’s order denying David Salinas’s motion for a protective order seeking to prohibit the Town of Redding from taking his deposition, holding that there was no appealable final…