Top 5 Move-Out Tips

Move-outs got you down? Tired of pulling all-nighters trying to get units ready for the next tenant?

We tapped some experienced landlords and property managers for the best advice on taming move-out mayhem, and getting your unit back in good shape:

The Pre-Walk Thru

Do a mock walk-thru a two-weeks or a month before tenants are set to leave. Point out every item that you will deduct from their security deposit if they don’t fix it. Write it down, and leave the list behind.

The Phone List

Provide tenants with a list of preferred vendors, like carpet cleaners, general cleaning, or handymen. Include the number and schedule for large item trash pick-up, local charities who take donations, and utility companies.

Provide a Cleaning Checklist

As many landlords can attest, clean is in the eyes of the beholder.

Supply an item-by-item cleaning checklist for each room. If you are expecting the tenant to wash the windows, baseboards or clean underneath the refrigerator, you should say so.

If possible, estimate the time it may take to complete each task, that will encourage the tenant to start earlier, or list the tasks on a monthly calendar. Encourage tenants to THINK AHEAD!

Don’t have a cleaning checklist? Check out for room by room tasks and helpful cleaning tips.

Walk-Thru Together

Nothing diffuses tenant disputes better than walking through the unit together, once all items are removed and the place has been cleaned. The tenant can see first-hand what you will have to deduct for, and there’s still a chance to talk it out before they walk away.

Forwarding Address

Don’t let the tenant get away without leaving a forwarding address. You may need it to collect money owed or to have them pick up forgotten items. Ask for the forwarding address as soon as the tenant has a new lease. Threaten, bribe, or cajole — but don’t let them leave without knowing where they are going!

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