ZipcodeXpress Package/Parcel Smart Locker Year End Promotion

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ZipcodeXpress Inc., specializes in total smart-locker solution with cutting-edge intelligent smart-locker products and cloud-based software system. We are the technology owner and manufacturer of the state-of-the-art smart locker system. Our smart locker system is fully customizable both in software and hardware to fulfill your needs. Package/parcel lockers, laundry lockers, refrigerated lockers, heated lockers, weapon lockers, we do them all!

ZipcodeXpress is offering Year End Promotion to all property owners and management companies.

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ZipcodeXpress Package Smart Locker_Standard 3-unit Configuration

Standard 3-unit configuration

ZipcodeXpress_100 Percent Satisfaction Guarantee or Money Back

Year End Promotion:

One base unit + Two add-on units for only $9,999, with any extra add-on for only $2,999

Totally Customizable

As the manufacturer, we are capable of working with clients to customize any size, configuration, finish etc. Tell us your thoughts. We will make it happen for you!

Best in Market Mobile App

  • Both iOS and Android operating system
  • Patented QR code scanner to retrieve packages
  • Package management
  • Wallet management

30%-50% Lower Than Competing Brands

As the manufacturer, we are able to cut the production cost drastically; plus, we are also the distributor, so no middle-man or sales markup involved. Therefore, our price is usually 30%-50% lower than competing brands.

Creative & Experienced Management Team

ZipcodeXpress was founded by a team of creative entrepreneurs. Their goal is to provide you with the best of breed smart locker system in the industry while delivering the customers a secure and low-cost logistics delivery service for their busy lifestyle.

Various Programs

Not only do we offer purchase and lease programs, but we also came up with the resident participation program. It’s a great option to enjoy our amazing smart locker for no charge to you.

Cloud Backstage Management

  • General/Income Report Generation
  • Real Time System Status Remote Monitoring
  • User/Membership Management
  • Courier/Package Management
  • Built-in Payment System

Total Solution for Any Locker Demand

From small up to oversized package lockers, refrigerated and frozen lockers, full-service laundry lockers, we provide the whole locker product line, offering you total locker solutions!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee or Money Back

First and only to offer this “100% Satisfaction Guarantee or Money Back”. We are driven to keep our clients satisfied. You can either enjoy the system free of charge for a certain period or get your money back if you decide to cancel the service.

Extra Revenue Stream For Management Companies and Owners

We leave the options of charging residents sign-up fees and monthly membership fees to our clients to generate more revenue, which is hundreds of dollars a month depending on the size of the complex. You can possibly make money back within a year.

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