Your Creditors Do It, Why Don`t You?

An Innovation in Rent Collection

PaidYou get an invoice from your mortgage lender every month. And, you faithfully pay it. Right on time.

So, why aren’t you invoicing your tenants? You can bet everyone else is.

Since the rent payment is probably the largest monthly expense for most tenants, it makes sense that the obligation be treated with the same importance as a car payment or credit card bill.

Consistent invoicing means you are more likely to get the rent on time.

Your AAOA staff is excited to announce that we have partnered with, the only fully automated tenant billing application on the Internet. We negotiated a killer discount for our members (including free members).

If you sign up for this service by May 31st, you will receive 50% off.

Check out the Sample Invoice. In addition to invoicing at the same time each month, you can include personal messages for no additional cost, which helps you keep in touch with your tenants.

Better service means better tenant retention. provides every owner and management company the opportunity to maintain a consistent and professional line of communication with each and every tenant every month.

Invoicing elevates the relationship between the tenant and landlord to a new level of respect and professionalism.

Changes and updates are easy to make, and can be added 24 hours a day. Printing and mailing is included in the cost.

Learn more about Use this coupon code when you sign up for to receive your discount: aaoa53109

If you are not already an AAOA member, you can sign up now at We have many membership options, including our free membership.

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