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Tip #35: It’s the Thought That Counts
Our top stories this year have been about the economy and the impact its had on rental property owners. With vacancy rates high, and a lot of Presentinventory for renters to choose from, make sure your tenants know that you appreciate them.
This week is a great opportunity to stop in and pass along a little holiday gift.
You don’t have to spend much to make a major impact.
Here are some ideas:
A live rosemary tree. $10 from your local grocery store, including Whole Foods. Fills the entire kitchen with a delightful scent, and it’s edible.
A gingerbread house kit. $10 and less from local grocery store, craft stores including Michael’s. Not just for kids, these kits are great fun for all ages, and make a great centerpiece for holiday dinners.
Royal Dansk butter cookies. $5 from Staples. Elegant and tasty, in an attractive canister. A good second option is Pepperidge Farm’s assortments – especially the chocolate lovers selection. About $5 from the grocery store. Either way, boxed cookies are easier to deliver.
Hot Chocolate Mix and Candy Canes. Under $5. Two tastes that are meant to be together. Wrap the cocoa mix package with a ribbon and insert a candy cane as a mixing stick, or stuff them both in a mug. Another version: place the mix in a small mason jar (available at grocery stores) and tape the candy cane to the top for decoration.
Gift Certificates from local businesses. $5. Car wash, coffee, dry cleaners. The businesses may even make you a deal.
Guest pass to local gym. Free.
Delivering your gifts in person makes the good tenants want to stick around.
See last weeks Landlord Quick Tip.
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