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Regain Control of Your Utility Bills

ThermostatDid you know you can save from 3% to 8% on your utility bill for every one degree of adjustment on your thermostat?

With heating and cooling bills climbing, take steps to rein in the costs from your rental property, and well as your own home.

Vacation home owner David Lowe got fed up with the problems caused by renters randomly setting the thermostats at extremes. So he decided to do something about it. He created a tamper-proof thermostat.

Dubbed the “ControlTemp Thermostat, it is specially designed to prevent tenants or guests from cranking up the heat or air conditioning in your units or common areas that cause your utility bills to sky rocket.

You are in complete control of the temperature at all times. Heres how it works:

  1. You decide the maximum heat and minimum cool temperatures: Usually 72° and 75° respectively
  2. Either the company programs the unit for FREE or you program the unit on site (Easy to Program)
  3. The unit is installed just like a normal thermostat. It can be installed yourself or by your preferred HVAC Vendor
  4. The tenant/guest can then adjust the temperature a few degrees but never higher or lower than your maximum and minimum settings
  5. Finally, the thermostat runs on a schedule to automatically reset the temperature where you want i

These units are inexpensive and come with a money-back guarantee. See ControlTemp for more information.


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