New Tamper Proof Thermostat Helps Landlords Save Money

Up To 30% Cost Savings

landlord helpLandlords, property managers and vacation home owners who have long been frustrated with people running up their utility bills by setting the thermostat to extremes now have a new way to regain control of their heating and cooling costs.

ControlTemp Thermostats just announced the release of its new CT2001 Deluxe Tamper Proof Thermostat, which allows owners to set customized temperature limits and dynamically adjust the room temperature based on their settings and not the whims of tenants.

The new CT2001 is the next generation of the ControlTemp deluxe tamper proof thermostat line and builds on the success of the previous CT1001 model. This proven technology has been demonstrated to be more effective than thermostat lock boxes, thermostat guards and traditional thermostats in controlling heating and cooling costs. Landlords and property managers have been using the CT1001 for more than two years with great success in apartments, vacation homes, churches, schools, and small commercials spaces such as hair salons, conference rooms, and small retail stores.

The Tamper Proof Thermostat features include: Custom maximum heating and minimum cooling limits, enhanced partial or full screen lock modes, improved 7-day programming, automatic changeover between heat and cool, battery backup, and an easy to read backlit touch screen. The thermostat also works with a number of different types of HVAC systems including boilers, furnaces, and single and multi stage heat pumps. Detailed specifications and information for this and all ControlTemp products are available online.

The CT2001 is ideal for rental properties as it allows the owner to control the maximum and minimum settings and 7-day schedule while still providing the tenant some limited access to make temperature changes.

David Lowe, co-founder of ControlTemp Thermostats says We are excited about the introduction of the CT2001. Based on the feedback from our customers, we believe we have created the most advanced tamper proof thermostat on the market today. The CT2001 will greatly reduce our customers„¢ heating and cooling costs.

Research conducted using tools from the US Department of Energy and EnergyStar, shows that by limiting temperature changes through the maximum set point feature, owners can save as much as 17% on their heating and cooling costs. When this feature is combined with the ability to run the thermostat on a schedule that cannot be overridden by the tenant, heating and cooling savings can increase to as high as 32%.

The CT2001 is available immediately. It will be priced at $149.99, the same price as previous model. It can be purchased direct at the ControlTemp Thermostat web site or at

ControlTemp Thermostats offers a standard 1 year limited warranty as well as a 1 year Energy Savings Guarantee. ControlTemp Thermostats will guarantee that purchasers of the CT2001 Deluxe Tamper Proof Thermostat will save at least 10% of their heating/cooling cost or the cost of the thermostat within the first year of purchase or their money back. For more details on this guarantee visit

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