Landscaping Reduces Crime – It’s True!

If you are considering making improvements to rental buildings or parking lots you own or manage, a wise investment is to add landscaping and arrange for ongoing maintenance.

It’s a decision that can pay big dividends, says Universal Sites Services, a full service property maintenance company in Milpitas, California.

According to Green Cities: Good Health, published by the College of the Environment, University of Washington, 2010, studies spanning several decades demonstrate that there is less crime in green areas of a city, and there is an improvement in the mental and physical health of urban dwellers when gardens and trees are added to their surroundings.

“Landscaping is an important component of our business,” stated Gina Vella, President, Universal Site Services. “Our clients are interested in beautifying the properties they own or manage, and they see an immediate benefit in happy and satisfied tenants and clients, as well as increased business. They also see a reduction of cleanup and maintenance costs as a result of a noticeable decrease in property damage.”

This statement confirms the compelling evidence from the university’s research that landscaping reduces minor crime, such as vandalism, littering, and graffiti. The study also reveals that adding green areas results in fewer acts of domestic violence, property crimes, and even violent crimes.

“Universal Site Services advises clients on the spacing of trees and shrubbery to add beauty to their site without providing cover for criminal activity,” adds Mrs. Vella. “Our landscapers know how to plant and trim vegetation for maximum attractiveness without creating danger zones. As well, appealing outdoor lighting can be part of the landscaping design, which adds to the perception of protection and vigilance in the neighborhood.”

Environmental concerns of owners and property managers can inspire them to begin incorporating landscaping features that are designed to improve the quality of water in the community. For instance, runoff from parking lots can be directed into rain gardens or trenches that filter the polluted water through stones and soil before it is released into the environment.

Green Cities: Good Health estimates that adding trees and shrubs to a community also improves the environment by reducing the temperature of the area, masking the noise of traffic, and absorbing air pollution. Studies even show a reduction in the prevalence of early childhood asthma in areas with sufficient green space.

Beautiful landscaping can transform the environment for tenants and clients, improve the public image of a company, and add to the quality of life and environmental protection of the community.

Universal Site Services is a full service property maintenance and site services company serving clients in California, Arizona, and Nevada. Founded in 1958, Universal is one of the largest family-owned, full-service outdoor maintenance companies on the West Coast.

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