Landlord Fined For Tenants’ Marijuana Plants

 A landlord in Porterville, California was assessed $1,725 in fines because her tenants were growing pot plants in the garden.

According to a news report, the landlord has been battling the town since the marijuana plants — an estimated 150 — were discovered on the property.

She argued, unsuccessfully, that the tenants should be liable for the fine for growing more plants than allowed by medical marijuana laws. The lease states that the tenants must abide by all state, county and local laws.

The landlord further claims she had no prior knowledge that the plants were there.

However, officials say the landlord is liable by law.

After discovering the plants, officials had given the landlord and tenants 10 days to remove them, but then inspectors returned a day early and found plants remaining in the yard. Officials removed the plants, claiming they were a health and safety hazard, and then billed the landlord for the abatement.

The landlord was later charged and assessed fines.

She has asked the town’s Board of Supervisors to reconsider the decision; however there is no word yet on whether the appeal was successful.

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