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law booksA landlord who last week was ordered to pay $50,000 for a housing discrimination claim (see Landlord to Pay $50,000 for Dissing Tenant’s Boyfriend) has died, an apparent suicide, according to a report in the Arab, Alabama news.

HUD charged the man with discrimination after tenants complained he threatened to evict them because one of them, a white woman, was dating a black man.  In addition to the fine, the landlord was ordered to complete fair housing training before renting out any properties in the future, to provide the local housing office with copies of any advertisements or leases, and, if he rejected any applicant,  to supply a written statement identifying the reason for the rejection.

The landlord told reporters that he was not able to tell his side of the story during the administrative hearing, including claims that the tenants were violating the occupancy limits for the property, trashing it, behind on the rent, and possibly selling drugs.

He was caring for a mother with Alzheimer’s disease according to the report, and also feared losing his investment property because of the judgment against him.

The landlord admitted in an interview that he should not have shared his negative views about interracial marriage, but maintained his claim that race was not the motivation for the eviction threats.

According to the report, the landlord remained defiant when dealing with HUD officials, insisting that he could rent to whomever he chose, and vowing to appeal the verdict.

He complained that the proceedings had affected his health.

Reporters found that one of the persons living at the rental at the time of the complaint was recently charged with possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia following a traffic stop.

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  • GARY

    Looks like the druggies won another one – with help from those caring folks at HUD, of course.

    Want to know who the real emerging minority is in this country? It’s the people like this landlord who are trying to earn a living with their savings through investing in real estate and providing living quarters for others. Governmental entities fall all over themselves to see that this goal is difficult to achieve.

    Just mention the word “racial discrimination” and HUD spills their coffee all over the table, jumps up and without any thought, shows everybody just how useful they want to be. When are we going to get rid of these agencies and the parasites that occupy “jobs” there which serve no useful purpose?

  • Bob

    Once again, many of us jumped to a conclusion without the pertanent facts of the case. I have personally observed how the legal system we have(While I beleive it is the best set up so far, but still is woefully unjust.) can take a victim of the rules and subject them to harsh punishment for a poor choice of discussing one’s personal observations. I could easily beleive that I could, in the heat of the moment when a tenant is being “Allowed” by the system to destroy my property and damage my finances, say something that would get me into trouble because as a landlords we are held to a much higher standard than our tenants. We the “law abiding” citizens are also held to a higher standard than the criminals here in the USA by our legal system.

  • Erik Jonsson

    My recently favorite quote …YCFS…you can’t fix stupid. I have some folks on hud and their understanding of life, how to interact, work ethic, hygiene, child rearing ability along with an entitlement mindframe cannot be overcome. It takes a long time for Darwin to win.


    I just got rid of 2 separate tenants for using and selling drugs. (admittedly) One tenant caused a loss of $4800 and the other $850.
    2 other tenants, (one was arrested at the unit for controlled substance, grand theft and 2 domestic violence charges, had damages and unpaid rent totaling $1300
    and the list goes on…

    If these “Tenant Protection” groups were to help. the landlord rather than persecute them, then there wouldn’t be so many tenants causing problems. They would be on their best behavior, but they seem to think they are protected and can use the system to shield them

  • “The landlord admitted in an interview that he should not have shared his negative views about interracial marriage,”
    “According to the report, the landlord remained defiant when dealing with HUD officials, insisting that he could rent to whomever he chose, and vowing to appeal the verdict.”

    if you own public accomodation you are not allowed to be publically racist. this man brought 100% of his trouble on himself. regardless of the tenants bad acts he was publically and illegally racist. he could have cooperated and his fine would probably have been lower. he was a man who was probably full of hate and misery and this led to his death.

  • disqus_eO1mUAMmb5

    (LOL) and YCFS applies equally well to landlords and property mgt companies. San Francisco just sued a guy that owned an upscale property in the tony North Beach area for trying to evict drug addicts (members of multiple Federally Protected Classes of Citizens) instead of setting up an on-site program to help them.

    Now not only doesn’t he have a 25 million dollar tony North Beach apartment complex anymore and has a million dollar bill with the City besides – to avoid jail – him and all his cronies have to work for THREE YEARS at the new Navigation Center for the Homeless – the newest incarnation of which is GUESS WHERE?? (LOL) – teaching people all manner of sneaky underhanded tricks that landlords and mgt companies do to people who don’t know any better. Karma’s a bitch people.

    California Norms and Values – Coming Soon to a Neighborhood Near You!

  • TheEndGameIsNear

    I think that should be mandated for predatory slumlords who are making out umtpteen leases to let out single family ‘rental’ homes ala carte, room by room.

    Room by room tenancies don’t have any boundaries. Even renting out a guest house, the landlord can say anything to get the tenant out and the tenant will not have a case.

  • TheEndGameIsNear

    When are you going to get a real job and stop your BS, renting your house out by the room while IRS and FTB agents raze and seize your assets? If you’ve 10 people all on a one year lease in your 5 bedroom house, I have trouble believing your stories about ‘the drugs and guns’ they all allegedly posess. You can’t just move to China and keep it once its gone, its gone.. Are you in real estate? Or just a lucky investor like the rest?

    Let’s face it there’s more landlords snorting rails of coke than tenants doping out, usually those have to work and workplaces tend to weed out dope pheens quick. You on the other hand, you’re accountable to no one. You were born rich and you rent out rooms to pay your taxes and one day Karma will come meet you.

  • disqus_eO1mUAMmb5

    Unless the renter is covered by one or more Protective Classes.

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