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 The U.S. Justice Department announced that it is suing the manager and owner of a Cleveland apartment house for refusing to rent to families.

In a statement released this week, the Justice Department alleges that the manager and landlord maintained a policy where applicants with children were rejected, and that tenants who had children while living at the property were evicted or told to relocate.

Attorneys for the government confirmed that fighting housing discrimination continues to be a top priority of the Justice Department. We will vigorously enforce the Fair Housing Act to ensure families are not denied the home of their choice because they have children, says Jocelyn Samuels, Acting Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights.

The Fair Housing Act prohibits landlords from rejecting applicants, or applying different leasing rules, because a tenant has children. Policies which violate this rule include requiring a higher rent or security deposit, restricting occupancy to lower levels or particular sections of a property, and curfews or specific rules which apply only to families with children.

The lawsuit seeks an order prohibiting the defendants from engaging in future unlawful discrimination. It also seeks the payment of a civil penalty and monetary damages for the victims.

The complaint is an allegation of unlawful conduct. The allegations must be proven in federal court.

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    my landlord is very forgetful. but there are things i need to detail it out. we pay rent on time and landlord ask to deduct money from rent due to using our electricity without consent. we have proof through texting. next she claim my son isnt on the lease. i show her my boyfriend application that he filed for 2 adults and 2 children’s. so back to using the electricity we told her not to use. she blame me and my son for 99.999% that we have raise the heat due to the house so cold and we plug in the heater. me and my boyfriend discuss and due to the house has no heat that what we use to keep our child warm. next she texted my boyfriend that my son isnt his bi son that he should suggest he kick us out or have a talk to me. he explain to me why do this have anything to do with my son and and me using what we paid for. i told him is she questioning my family status. and to me it sound like it. so i wrote to her and told her that this is discrimination cause my son has nothing to do with her nor my unborn baby. Or anythings. i explain to her that i can complain her to the housing act for doing illegal issue. than she made a 60 days notice to kick us out cause i told her ill report her. now that over on the lease mention a dry wall to separated the room so the landlord can use it for storage. she use the room for office and using tenant electricity. now she she being illegal landlord for making a storage room as office and stealing power useage.

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