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by Julie Murphy

Woman throwing moneyThe lease is up and it’s time for the locksmith or handyman to re-key or change those locks AGAIN!

Why not make the whole transition of new tenants easy and cost-effective by installing a keyless entry system?

These systems provide security and safety for you and your tenants through modern and efficient means of protecting properties.

The systems are available for single homes, properties with several units, and those that are over 100 units and beyond.

Minimize the hassles of making duplicate keys, converting doorknobs and deadbolts, and the perpetual cost of re-doing the security elements at your properties.

Keyless entry systems are highly cost-effective for the following reasons:

1) Many systems are very easy to install. The “key-pad with a code” systems are a routine fix that most maintenance workers can do. The key card systems are also stand alone mechanisms with no wiring necessary throughout the door, so installation requires little effort.

2) Once installed, you no longer have those constant re-keying costs. No more paying the repairman to change out keys and locks. The keyless systems’ codes can be changed extremely quickly, on the actual code pad or by computer with a key-card system. It’s quick and easy–no tools required!

3) These systems are long lasting, and easily adaptable to changing tenant conditions. No more replacements with each new tenant!

4) As a great marketing/sales tool to new tenants, the keyless entry systems make your properties attractive to potential residents. They can see that you are concerned about their safety with this modern technology.

5) Many keyless entry systems provide time limited codes. For instance, if you need to let in a repairman into a unit, a code can be set up for a specific time on a specific day, so the property owner doesn’t have to waste time letting someone in and out.

Overall, you can save time and money with keyless entry systems. Your residents will appreciate the modern amenity, and the security that you furnish.

To review many options available with these systems, please visit They provide systems for all types of dwellings, ongoing customer service, installation assistance, and technical support for their customers.

So, go ahead, and GO KEYLESS!!


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