Is Nonsmoking Policy Illegal?

by Robert Griswold

Cigarette photoQ: I am preparing to rent out my home and was advised that it may be illegal or challenged if I request nonsmokers only.

If my family ever moves back to the home, my daughter is asthmatic and the smoke residue may cause a health risk.

Can I request nonsmokers only?

A: I have seen some tenant-landlord attorneys express the opinion that any attempt to limit tenancy to nonsmokers would be discriminatory.

I am not an attorney, but as a property manager I think the key fact that would allow you to have a “nonsmoking” policy for your rental home is to control the behavior and not the personal characteristics of the tenants.

In other words, just like at hotels and on airplanes, there are clearly nonsmoking areas but individuals that participate in the personal behavior of smoking are still allowed and the only limit is that they cannot smoke.

So I would think you would be fine as long as you make it clear that you have a nonsmoking policy and not get into questions of whether or not an individual is a smoker. I suggest you check out the Web site for more information.

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