How to Protect Your Property From Bats

by Michael Koski

BatsBat infestations are more common than one might think, especially with bats continued displacement as their natural territories diminish. Fortunately there are simple steps property owners and managers can take to lessen the likelihood of a bat invasion.

Bats in the property may also increase property owners and managers exposure to litigation. Imagine the disputes that could arise after a tenant wakes up to discover their sleeping child has shared a room with a bat, or a group of curious kids play with a bat they find on the property and it tests positive for rabies. Find out more about your legal liability for bats.

ChecklistThere are steps you can take to protect your property from these nocturnal interlopers. Adopting these fairly simple maintenance routines or adding them to your existing ones can reduce the possibility of becoming host to a colony of bats.

· Bats can squeeze through very small openings. Depending on the species they may only need only a 1/2 by 1 opening – so sealing off any entry points is the key to keeping them out.

· Check the chimneys to make sure the screens covering the openings are in good condition. Check the surrounding flashing for any gaps. This is a common entry point for bats.

· Inspect and repair any loose shingles.

· Inspect the area where the building meets the roof (fascia, soffits) for any gaps. Caulk or spray foam as needed.

· Make sure your attic vents have screens and they are in good condition.

· Visually inspect the area above the windows for cracks or gaps. Caulk as needed.

Havea bat problem? Bat exclusion is a job best handled by a professional and time is of the essence. It is imperative that you consult a professional at the first sign of bats- by the time you notice your first bat, there could be dozens more that have taken up residence. The longer the bats are present, the more damage they will do and the more difficult it may prove to remove them.


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About the Author: Michael Koski is an author, Bat Exclusion Professional and owner of Get Bats Out- a nationwide bat exclusion company. Get Bats Out specializes in commercial and residential bat exclusion and guano clean up. His book,The Home Owner’ss Essential Guide to Bat Removal is available on his website at He can be reached at 877-264-2287 for any and all bat questions.

Did you know that bats are not blind? Find out more in Fast Bat Facts.

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