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landlord helpAfter publishing a rental advertisement where a landlord stated “no kids”, a newspaper owner has been charged with discrimination.

Under a settlement decree, the publisher, headquartered in Nevada, will have to adopt procedures to screen out discriminatory advertisements for housing from all the its publications that include advertisements for housing, both in print or on any associated websites.

The settlement also requires the publisher to undergo training on the requirements on the Fair Housing Act, post notices informing readers about the requirements of the FHA, make periodic reports to the government, and pay fines.

“The Fair Housing Act applies to all those who participate in the housing industry, including those who publish advertisements for dwellings,” said Thomas E. Perez, Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division. “This settlement will help eliminate the atmosphere of intolerance created by discriminatory advertisements.”

“Families struggling to find suitable housing shouldnt have their choices limited by discriminatory advertising and unlawful practices,” stated John Trasvina, HUD Assistant Secretary for Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity. “HUD is committed to taking swift enforcement action anytime a familys right to obtain the housing of their choice is illegally denied.”

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  • BrassServices

    What an overreach of federal power to invade the free press and subject it to fines for publishing a classified. The newspaper did not discriminate. Hell, magazines and forums that post ads for hit men don’t get fined, but a newspaper that missed one ad gets beat up? REALLY?

    ANYONE can walk into a Recorder / Regristar of Deed office and record racist, discriminatory declarations of restrictions on a lot, and although they will not be enforced by the courts, they become a permanent matter of public record, posted at Official Record notice for all the world to see. How is this any different? Answer: it’s not. The government can accept and publish racist matters without penalty, but the private contracts of the media are subject to federal invasion. Dumb.

  • Anthony

    Discrinintation is not illegal. Discrimination based on protected classes is and even then there are exceptions. For example a landlord can have senior only or gender specific housing but cannot have Blackonly housing.

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