Every Picture Tells a Story Mystery Game

WE HAVE A WINNER! Although Brad suspected that his pesty stalker was Tobey Maguire, it seems that Spiderman had an alibi ” he was closing on his Brentwood building site at the time of Brads disappearance. No, in this case it was not a jealous rival Brad had to fear. Turns out his costar did him in with that innocent kiss. Guess she is a real princess after all, and now hes, well, not a prince but a frog. Surely Brads lovely wife will give him a peck on the cheek and restore him to his handsome self. He might not be a prince, but hes a man with a charitable heart, and that makes him handsome on the inside, too!

Thanks for playing!

MannequinsFollow the links below to find picture clues.

Use these clues to unravel this mystery.

Be the first to guess correctly and win a $25 gift certificate, to your choice of Target, Starbucks, Barnes and Noble, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Amazon.com, or Staples.


Brad Pitt is missing! He was due on the set of his next movie, Pretty Faces on the Beach, this week but hasn’t shown up. He was cast in the role of an undercover spy pretending to be a handsome prince, alongside his bubbly and buoyant co-star, who plays a princess, pretending to be an undercover spy.

Brad complained to police that he felt he was being stalked, possibly by a jealous rival actor who was also up for the part. His iPhone was discovered in his hotel room. It revealed he recently viewed on article on the AAOA blog, and the police discovered a file entitled “List of My Jealous Rivals.” Brads credit card history shows he recently made a purchase from the AAOA Online Store.

His lovely co-star visited him last week in New Orleans, where he was working on a community service project, to rehearse a couple of scenes from the movie. She claims she last saw him after they had dinner at his hotel. She admits to kissing him goodnight, then hopping on a plane back to Los Angeles. No one has seen, or heard from him since.

What happened to Brad?



1. There can be only one winner per contest. Our winner is determined as the first person to guess the correct answer.

2. You must place guesses in the comments section of THIS blog entry. Do not call or email – it doesnt count.

3. Each comment can only contain one possible answer. You can comment any number of times.

4. We have designated the correct answer in advance. That is the only answer that will be accepted. Competing answers that fit some or all of the clues will not be considered. It is in the sole discretion of the blog editor to determine the winner.

5. You cannot cheat. If you cheat, you will be disqualified. Cheating is any device you come up with that gives you an unfair advantage over other participants. This includes, but is not limited to, loading your comments with piles of data that may also include the correct answer buried inside, like the phone book or city name directory, use of some superstatistical computer or program, any form of hacking, spying or other devious means. It is solely up to the discretion of the blog editor to determine if you cheated.

6. We must be able to mail you your prize. Once you have been identified as a winner, we will contact you via email to obtain your mailing address. If we cannot contact you, or you do not provide the address or other information required by law within thirty days of request, the prize will be forfeited. No other winner will be chosen.

7. If you knew the answer before this posting, or are an AAOA insider, you are disqualified.

8. If your guess gets caught in the spam filter, or is otherwise lost in Internet limbo, that guess is disqualified. Check the comment section to insure that your guess landed on the page.

9. This contest will terminate no later than thirty days from the date the last clue is posted.

10 This contest is void anywhere and under any circumstances that it is illegal.

11. This contest is terminated if computer or Internet glitches render it impossible.

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