COVID-19 Related Eviction and Foreclosure Orders/Guidance 50-State Tracker

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Last Updated June 5, 2020

Please review the following five notes in connection with the information provided in this 50-state tracker:

  1. The orders highlighted here do not all apply to both residential and commercial evictions and foreclosures. Please review the actual order (or guidance or decree) to determine how they specifically apply.
  2. The orders highlighted here have been issued by state governments. Some counties and municipalities have issued additional restrictions; please check with the specific county or municipality for additional regulations that may apply to your property.
  3. General court closures or other limits on civil proceedings are not always eviction- or foreclosure-specific. Please be aware that when a government reopens its civil courts it also may issue a new order specifically limiting evictions or foreclosures.
  4. This tracker is updated on a regular (usually daily) basis. Many applicable regulations change frequently and a regular review of the updated information is recommended.
  5. Please consult a lawyer for specific applicability of these and other county or municipal regulations concerning evictions and foreclosures that may apply to your property.
State Is there a statewide order or guidance concerning evictions? Is there a statewide order or guidance concerning foreclosures? Links to Resources
Alabama Yes; limited. No Moratorium on evictions and foreclosures has been extended until the date the governor determines that COVID-19 public health disaster emergency no longer exists or until 06/30/2020. AK Legislation SB241 (04.10.2020)

Supreme Court Administrative Order No. 7 extends state of emergency and all administrative orders, except Order No. 3. Hearings recommence after 05.15.2020 unless presiding circuit judge extends pursuant to written order forwarded to Chief Justice, but no longer than 08.15.2020. Jury trials suspended until 09.14.2020 (05.13.2020)

Order extends 04.30.2020 deadline to 05.15.2020. Administrative Order No. 5 (04.30.2020)

Proclamation protection against evictions applies only to evictions based on nonpayment (05.08.2020)

Protection against evictions expire on 06.01.2020 at 12:00 a.m. (05.21.2020)

Alaska Yes Yes Moratorium on evictions and foreclosures has been extended until the date the governor determines that COVID-19 public health disaster emergency no longer exists or until 06.30.2020. AK Legislation SB241 (04.10.2020)
Arizona Yes Yes; limited Order to postpone residential eviction actions for coronavirus related issues until 07.22.2020. Executive Order 2020-14 (03.24.2020)

Governor issued an executive order prohibiting small business evictions until 05.31.2020. Executive Order 2020-21 (04.07.2020)

Guidance for Processing Eviction Matters During the COBID-19 Pandemic. Governor’s Executive Order No. 2020-14 (04.29.2020)

Arkansas Yes No All new eviction complaints (from the date of this order and ending 07.25.2020) for nonpayment of rent or other fees or charges are required to affirmatively plead that the property subject to the eviction dispute is not a covered dwelling under the federal CARES Act, Public Law No. 116-136. 2020 Ark. 166 (04.28.2020)
California Yes Yes; granting authority to local jurisdictions Executive order allows local governments to halt evictions and slow foreclosures until 05.31.2020. Executive Order N-37-20 (03.27.2020)

Amendments to the CA Rules of Court apply unlawful detainers. The rules will remain in effect until 90 days after the Governor declares that the state of emergency related to the COVID-19 pandemic is lifted, or until amended or repealed by the Judicial Counsel. (04.06.2020)

Colorado Yes Yes Executive Order Limiting Evictions and Foreclosures; directs DOLA, CDLE, and DORA to work with property owners and landlords to identify any lawful measures to avoid … executing eviction procedures …until 04.30.2020. Executive Order D 2020 012 (03.20.2020)

Order extends 04.30.2020 deadline to 05.30.2020. Executive Order D 2020 051 (04.30.2020)

Connecticut Yes Yes The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act provides a temporary moratorium on eviction filings, a temporary foreclosure moratorium, and up to 360 days of loan payment forbearance for properties with a federally backed mortgage loan until 07.01.2020. Executive Order No. 7X (04.10.2020)

Court orders immediate stay of the service of all issued executions on evictions and ejectments through 06.01.2020. (04.23.2020) CT Court Order 04232020

All foreclosure sales scheduled for June and through 07.18.2020 are cancelled. The court is opening the judgment in these matters sua sponte solely for the purposes of setting a new sale date of 07.25.2020. (04.20.2020). CT Court Order 0420

Delaware Yes Yes Executive Order preventing landlords from evicting Delawareans from their homes andents lenders from commencing foreclosures through 05.15.2020, at the earliest. (03.24.2020)

All evictions currently ordered and scheduled from 03.17.2020 through 05.14.2020 shall be rescheduled for a date not earlier than 06.01.2020. (4.23.2020) DE Justice of the Peace Standing Order No. 3

Order extends deadline to 06.01.2020 and amends Sixth Modification, Paragraph B. “B. Evictions and Holdover Tenants:” the first sentence of subparagraph B.1 is modified by adding “Until the state of emergency is terminated…” Executive Order Fourteenth Modification of the Declaration of a State of Emergency for the State of Delaware Due to a Public Health Threat (04.30.2020)

Florida Yes Yes Evictions and foreclosures have been suspended until 06.02.2020. Executive Order No. 20-121. (05.14.2020)

Florida Housing Finance Corporation finds that any rent increases during this Public Health Emergency would create an immediate danger to the public welfare and that creating incentives for owners of properties financed by the Corporation to suspend any rent increases during the emergency would help alleviate this danger. (04.29.2020)

Suspension of evictions and foreclosures have been extended until 07.01.2020. Executive Order 20-137 (06.01.2020)

Georgia No No No applicable order.
Hawaii Yes Yes Eighth-Supplementary-Proclamation-for-COVID-19-Extends eviction moratorium through 06.30.2020 (05.18.2020)

Seventh Supplementary Proclamation Related to the COVID-19 Emergency: Amending and Restating all prior Proclamations and Executive Orders through 05.31.2020. (05.06.2020)

Sixth Supplementary Proclamation – Amending and Restating Prior Proclamations and Executive Orders Related to the COVID-19 Emergency through 05.31.2020. (04.25.82020)

Fifth Supplementary Proclamation: Includes eviction moratorium through 04.30.2020. (04.17.2020)

State Actions to Slow the Spread of COVID-19: Moratorium on evictions and foreclosures (03.17.2020)

Supreme Court of Hawai’i postponed evictions through 4.30.2020. (03.16.2020)

HI Department of Public Safety Sheriff Division is suspending all eviction activities as part of the Department’s COVID-19 response efforts. (03.17.2020)

State Guidance for Homeowners and Renters (04.10.2020).

Idaho Yes No Proclamation: Thirty Day Extension of Emergency Declaration (05.13.2020)

Supreme Court Judicial Order: In Re: Eviction Moratorium Under the CARES Act 05.04.2020. 

Supreme Court Judicial Order: Re: Emergency Reduction in Court Services and Limitation of Access to Court Facilities [remote eviction hearings effective 05.01.2020. (04.22.2020)

Supreme Court Judicial Order: Extension of Emergency Reduction in Court Services and Limitation of Access to Court Facilities through 04.30.2020. (04.21.2020)

Supreme Court Judicial Order: Extension of Emergency Reduction in Court Services and Limitation of Access to Court Facilities

Supreme Court Judicial Order – Emergency Reduction in Court Services and Limitation of Access to Court Facilities [only eviction actions where basis is unlawful entry; production or use of controlled substances on premises. (03.26.2020)

Illinois Yes Yes Executive Order-2020-39: Reissues EOs 2020-03 through 2020-37 [includes moratorium on Evictions] through 06.27.2020. (05.29.2020)

Executive Order 2020-33: Reissues EOs 2020-03 through 2020-31 through 05.29.2020 (04.30.2020)

Executive Order 2020-32: New Stay at Home Order-Effective 05.01.2020 (04.30.2020)

Executive Order 20-30: Ceased evictions for the duration of the Gubernatorial Disaster Proclamation. (04.23.2020)

Executive Order 20-18 Stay at Home Order Extension: extended through 04.30.2020. (04.01.2020)

Executive Order 20-10: Stay at Home Order. (03.20.2020)

IDFR: Guidance to Illinois-Licensed Mortgage Servicers and Exempt Mortgage Servicers Urging Support for Borrowers Impacted by COVID-19, Including 90-Day Forbearance. (03.30.2020)

Indiana Yes Yes Executive Order 20-31 Renewal of Public Health Emergency: Includes Tax Deadlines and Permits issued by Alcohol Tobacco Commission (06.03.2020).

Executive Order 20-30 Renewal of Public Health Emergency: Extended 30 days to expire 07.04.2020 [ includes EOs 20-02 thru 20-29]. (06.03.2020).

Executive Order 20-28: Back on Track Reopening Indiana Stage 3-Extends Stay at Home Order through 06.30.2020 [moratorium on evictions and foreclosures until after 07.01.2020] (05.21.2020)

Executive Order 20-25: Renewal of Public Health Emergency Declaration for the COVID-19 Outbreak [includes Executive Order 02-04 through 20-24] extended to 06.04.2020 (05.01.2020)

Executive Order 20-22 Extension of Directive for Hoosiers to Stay at Home; Continuity of Operations of Government; and Executive Orders Pertaining to Restaurants an Alcoholic Beverages to 05.01.2020. (04.20.2020) 

Executive Order 20-18 Continued Directive for Hoosiers to Stay at Home; Extension of Continuity of Operations of Government; and Extension of Executive Orders Pertaining to Restaurants and Alcoholic Beverages (includes Order No. 20-06 and 20-17 ) to 04.20.2020. (04.06.2020)

Executive Order 20-17 Renewal of Public Health Emergency Declaration for COVID-19 Outbreak until 05.05.2020. (04.03.2020)

Executive Order 20-06: Prohibition on Eviction and Foreclosures until State of Emergency is over. (03.19.2020).

Iowa Yes Yes Supreme Court Order Extending Civil Cases (only eviction actions where basis is unlawful entry; poses a “clear and present danger” and other emergency circumstances) to 06.15.2020. (04.02.2020)

Supreme Court Order – Continued Civil Cases (including evictions) to 05.04.2020. (03.17.2020)

Proclamation of Disaster Emergency 2020-04: By Order of Governor, landlords cannot terminate rental agreements or evict a tenant during the duration of the proclamation of disaster emergency. (03.19.2020)

Proclamation continuing State Public Health Emergency Declaration 2020-08: Extended until 04.30.2020. (04.02.2020)

Proclamation of Disaster Emergency 2020-13: [includes suspension of evictions and foreclosures for the duration of Proclamation] through 05.27.2020 (04.27.2020)

Proclamation of Disaster Emergency 2020-17: Extended through 06.25.2020. (05.26.2020)


Kansas Yes Yes Executive Order No. 20-37-Deferred-Tax remains in force until 06.30.2020 [Extends filing date of homestead and property tax relief refund claims to 10.15.2020 (all other DOR  taxes extended to 07.15.2020)] (05.26.2020).

Governor’s State of Disaster Emergency Proclamation as of 05.26.2020 and continuing. (05.26.2020).

Executive Order No. 20-28: Reissuing and extending certain Executive Orders [including Executive Order 20-10] relating to the COVID-19 Pandemic through 05.31.2020. (04.30.2020)

Executive Order No. 20-10 Rescinding Executive Order 20-06 and temporarily prohibiting certain foreclosures and evictions until 05.01.2020. (03.23.2020)

Executive Order No. 20-06 Temporarily prohibiting evictions and foreclosures until 05.01.2020. (03.17.2020)

Kentucky Yes No Supreme Court Amended Order 2020-44 Kentucky Court of Justice Response to COVID-19 Emergency: No evictions until expiration of State of Emergency or 07.25.2020, whichever is later in time. (05.29.2020)

Supreme Court Order 2020-28: Kentucky Court of Justice Response to COVID-19 Emergency – effective through 05.31.2020. (04.24.2020)

Supreme Court Amended Order 2020-22: Kentucky Court of Justice Response to COVID-19 Emergenncy-effective through 05.21.2020. (04.14.2020)

Supreme Court Amended Order 2020-16: Effective through 05.01.2020: Evictions shall be suspended during the State of Emergency and no eviction filings accepted until 30 days after expiration of this Order. (04.01.2020)

Supreme Court Order 2020-16: Evictions shall be suspended during State of Emergency. (03.28.2020)

Executive Order 2020-323: State of Emergency: Evictions remain suspended for duration of State of Emergency [includes Executive Order No. 2020-257 (05.11.2020)

Executive Order 2020-257 Closing all but Life-Sustaining Business. (03.25.2020)

Louisiana Yes Yes Proclamation No. 59 JBE 2020: Renewal of State of Emergency for COVID-19 Extension of Emergency Provisions [includes moratorium on evictions] through 06.05.2020. (05.14.2020)

Proclamation No. 52 JBE 2020 Renewal of State of Emergency for COVID-19 [includes No. 41 JB] through 05.15.2020. (04.30.2020)

Proclamation No. 41 JBE 2020; State of Emergency for COVID-19 Extension of Emergency Provisions until 4.30.2020. (04.02.2020)

Maine Yes Yes Proclamation to Renew the State of Civil Emergency through 06.11.2020. (05.13.2020)

Executive Order 53: An Order Regarding Certain Municipal and Taxation Matters (Extension re Property Tax Liens expires 60-days after state of emergency is terminated) (05.12.2020)

Executive Order 49: An Order to Stay Safer at Home through 05.31.2020. (04.29.2020)

Executive Order 40: An Order Regarding Unlawful Evictions, Writs of Possession and Initiation of Eviction Proceedings-expires 30 days after termination of State of Emergency (04.16.2020)

Supreme Court Order PO-SJC-1: Revised Emergency Order and Notice from Maine Supreme Judicial Court [maintains no evictions or foreclosures] through 05.30.2020. (05.13.2020)

Supreme Court Order PMO-SJC-1: Revised Emergency Order and Notice from Main Supreme Judicial Court [includes evictions and foreclosures] through 05.30.2020. (05.05.2020).

Supreme Court Order PMO-SJC-1: Revised Emergency Order and Notice from the Maine Supreme Judicial Court [includes evictions and foreclosures] through 05.15.2020. (04.22.2020

Supreme Judicial Order:  Continuing through 05.01.2020 foreclosures and evictions will not be scheduled or heard. (rev 04.14.2020)

Maryland Yes Yes Amended Administrative Order Lifting the Suspension During the COVID-19 Emergency of Foreclosures, Evictions, and Other Ejectments Involving Residences: Stay lifted effective 07.25.2020. (06.03.2020)

Amended Administrative Order on the Progressive Resumption of Full Function of Judiciary Operations Previously Restricted Due to the COVID-19 Emergency. (06.03.2020)

Administrative Order Lifting the Suspension During the COVID-19 Emergency of Foreclosures, Evictions, and Other Ejectments Involving Residences: Effective as of 07.25.2020. (05.22.2020)

Second Amended Administrative Order Expanding and Extending Statewide Judiciary Restricted Operations Due to the COVID-19 Emergency: All courts closed to public, with limited exceptions through 06.05.2020. (04.14.2020)

Administrative Order on suspension of foreclosures, evictions, and Other ejectments involving residences. (03.25.2020)

Governor’s Order Number 20-05-13-01: Amending and Restating Order No. 20-05-06-01. (05.13.2020) 

Governor’s Proclamation: Renewal of State of Emergency; (05.06.2020) 

Governor’s Order Number 20-05-06-01: Amended Stay at Home Order; Gatherings; Expanded Outdoor Recreation. (05.06.2020)

Governor’s Order Number 02-04-03-01: Prohibits evictions and foreclosures and stopping initiation of foreclosures until the State of Emergency is terminated (04.03.2020)

Governor’s Order Temporarily prohibiting evictions. (03.16.2020)

Massachusetts Yes Yes Bill H.4647 – An Act providing for a moratorium on evictions and foreclosures during the COVID-19 Emergency. (04.20.2020) (Expires/runs for 120 days until 08.18.2020 – or 45 days after the end of the governor’s emergency declaration, whichever is sooner.)

Bill H.4624 – An Act providing for a moratorium on evictions and foreclosures during the COVID-19 Emergency (04.06.2020)

2020-12 Guidance on Local Housing Authority Evictions and Rent Redetermination (03.25.2020)

Affordable Housing Lease Enforcement and Evictions during COVID-19 Emergency (03.25.2020)

Courts have put a stop to most evictions until at least 04.21.2020. (03.13.2020)

Michigan Yes; granting authority to local jurisdictions Yes



Executive Order No. 2020-106 Establishing deadline to redeem property for nonpayment of delinquent property taxes (Expires 06.29.2020) (05.28.2020)

Executive Order No. 2020-100 Amending certain previously issued executive orders to clarify their duration (05.22.2020) (Executive Order Nos. 2020-62, 2020-69 and 2020-96 expire 06.01.2020 – others expire as noted therein)

Executive Order No. 2020-99 (Extension) Declaration of state of emergency and state of disaster related to the COVID-19 pandemic. (05.22.2020) (Expires 06.19.2020 at 11:59 p.m.)

Executive Order No. 2020-66 Termination of the states of emergency and disaster declared under the Emergency Management Act in Executive Order 2020-33. (04.30.2020)

The Governor and Department of Insurance and Financial Services announced on April 23, 2020 the MiMortgage Partnership Program with a list of participating financial institutions that have agreed to a voluntary plan protecting homeowners: 60-day moratorium on foreclosures and a streamlined process to apply for a 90-day forbearance, and for those homeowners, no late fees or adverse credit reporting. (04.23.2020)

Executive Order No. 2020-58 Temporary suspension of certain timing requirements relating to the commencement of civil and probate actions and proceedings. (04.22.2020)

Rescission of Executive Order 2020-19. (04.17.2020)

Executive Order No. 2020-54 Temporary prohibition against entry to premises for the purpose of removing or excluding a tenant or mobile home owner from their home. (Rescission of Executive Order 2020-19) (Expires 05.15.2020) (04.17.2020)

Executive Order No. 2020-33 Expanded emergency and disaster declaration (04.01.2020)

Executive Order 2020-19 bars execution of eviction process against tenants, vendees under executory contracts (installment land sale contracts) and manufactured home owners. Does not specifically reference post-mortgage foreclosure evictions. (03.20.2020)

Minnesota Yes Yes Executive Order 20-48 Extending and Modifying Stay at Home Order, Continuing Temporary Closure of Bars, Restaurants, and Other Places of Public Accommodation, and Allowing Additional Workers in Certain Non-Critical Sectors to Return to Safe Work places. (04.30.2020) (Expires upon termination of peacetime emergency declared Executive Order 20-01)

Emergency Executive Order 20-14 stops new and pending evictions and requests a suspension of foreclosures. (03.23.2020) (Expires upon termination of peacetime emergency declared Executive Order 20-01)

Mississippi Yes No Executive Order 1488 (Extends Executive Order 1477 – Safer at Home Order) (05.22.2020) (Expires 06.01.2020)

Executive Order 1484 – Extends suspension of evictions pursuant to Executive Order 1477 (Does not affect moratorium on federally backed mortgage loans) (05.14.2020) (Expires 8:00 a.m. 06.01.2020)

Executive Order 1477 – Safer at Home Order (Including Evictions suspended.) (04.24.2020) (Expires 05.11.2020) (Expiration extended to 06.01.2020 by Executive Order 1488)

Executive Order 1473 – Amended Shelter In Place Order. (Extends Executive Order 1466) (04.17.2020)

Executive Order No. 1466 – Shelter in Place, Evictions Suspended. (04.01.2020)

Executive Order No. 1465 – Shelter in Place. (03.30.2020)

Missouri Yes Yes Executive Order 9 – State of Emergency Extension. State of Emergency declared in Executive Order 20-02 until June 15, 2020 and directs the Missouri State Emergency Operations Plan to remain activated. (04.24.2020) (Expires 06.15.2020)

Stay at Home Order. (04.06.2020)

Missouri Supreme Court order suspended “all in-person proceedings in all appellate and circuit courts – including all associate, family, juvenile, municipal, and probate divisions” through 04.03.2020. Although the order does not specifically address eviction or foreclosure proceedings, it is likely to delay them. (Updated 03.22.2020)

Montana Yes Yes Directive implementing Executive Orders 2-2020 and 3-2020 and establishing conditions for Phase Two (05.19.2020) 

Directive Implementing Executive Orders 2-2020 and 3-2020 and providing guidance for the phased reopening of Montana and establishing conditions for Phase One. (04.22.2020)

Chief Justice’s Memo (04.22.2020): Montana Supreme Court Chief Justice Mike McGrath issued a memo to the state’s district courts and courts of limited jurisdiction shortly after the governor released his directive. The memo outlines practices the courts should implement at a minimum after May 4.

Directive Implementing Executive Orders 2-2020 and 3-2020 and providing additional guidance related to evictions and establishing relief funds for affected renters. (04.13.2020)
(Expires 05.24.2020 per May 19 Directive)

Directive implementing Executive Orders 2-2020 and 3-2020 extending certain Directives through 04.24.2020 (04.07.2020)

Directive Implementing Executive Orders 2-2020 and 3-2020 providing measures to limit foreclosures, evictions, and disconnections from service. (03.30.2020)
(Expires 05.24.2020 per May 19 Directive)

Montana Supreme Court Order Limiting Court Activities (03.27.2020)

Montana Supreme Court order recommended suspending cases but leaves decision to individual courts. (03.17.2020)

Executive Order No. 3-2020 Providing that the State of Emergency Runs Concurrent with the President’s Emergency Declaration (03.13.2020)

Executive Order No. 2-2020 Declaring a State of Emergency to Exist Related to the Communicable Disease COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus. (03.12.2020)

Nebraska Yes No Executive Order 20-07 – Temporary Residential Eviction Relief until 05.31.2020. (03.25.2020) (Expires 05.31.2020)
Nevada Yes Yes COVID-19 Declaration of Emergency Directive 018 – Phase One Reopening (Extends Emergency Directive 010 Stay at Home Order) (05.09.2020) (Expires 05.30.2020)

COVID-19 Declaration of Emergency Directive 016. (Extends Directive 013; which pertains to Directive 008) (04.29.2020) (Expires 05.15.2020)

Declaration of Emergency Directive 013 (Pertains to Directive 008) (04.08.2020) (Expires 04.30.2020)

Declaration of Emergency Directive 010 Stay at Home Order (03.31.2020)

Declaration of Emergency Directive 008 – Foreclosures and Evictions (03.29.2020) (Expires upon termination of state of emergency)

New Hampshire Yes Yes Executive Order 2020-09 – Third Extension of State of Emergency Declared in Executive Order 2020-04 (05.15.2020) (Expires 06.05.2020)

Executive Order 2020-08 – Second Extension of State of Emergency Declared in Executive Order 2020-04. (04.24.2020) (21-Day Extension – Expires 05.15.2020)

Executive Order 2020-05 – Extension of State of Emergency Declared in Executive Order 2020-04. (04.03.2020) (21-Day Extension – Expires 04.24.2020)

Emergency Order 25 – Temporary modification of interest penalty for late payment of property taxes (Pertains to Order #4) (04.03.2020)

Emergency Order 24 – Modification and clarification of Emergency Order #4 (04.03.2020)

Emergency Order #4 – Temporary Prohibition on Evictions and Foreclosures (03.14.2020)

New Jersey Yes Yes Executive Order 151 – Extending Public Health Emergency in New Jersey. (06.04.2020)

Executive Order 138 – Extending Public Health Emergency in New Jersey. (05.06.2020)

Executive Order 130 – Allowing Municipalities to Extend Grace Period for May 1st Property Tax Payments until June 1st. (04.28.2020)

Executive Order 128 – Providing Critical Short-Term Support for Renters. (04.24.2020)

Executive Order 123 – Extending Insurance Premium Grace Periods. (04.09.2020)

Executive Order 119 – Extending Public Health Emergency in New Jersey. (04.04.2020)  (See now Executive Order 138)

Executive Order 106 – Moratorium on Removals of Individuals Due to Evictions or Foreclosures. (03.19.2020) (Expires at least two months after the emergency expires.)

NJ Department of Banking & Insurance (DOBI):

NJ DOBI COVID-19 and Residential Mortgage Relief – List of Financial Institutions Providing Residential Mortgage Relief; Q&A on Financial Relief (03.28.2020)

NJ DOBI Bulletin 20-04 – Disruption Resulting from COVID-19 (03.19.2020)

New Mexico Yes Yes Executive Order No. 2020-30 Extension of emergency through 05.31.2020 (05.15.2020)

Executive Order No. 2020-026 – Emergency extended through 05.15.2020 (05.01.2020)

Statewide emergency renewed through 04.30.2020 (04.06.2020)

Courts pause eviction for tenants who prove their inability to pay rent.

COVID-19 and Eviction FAQ

Courts have placed a temporary moratorium on evictions. (3.26.2020)

Executive Order No. 20-8500-008 – Mobile Home Eviction and Foreclosures Order. (03.26.2020)

Executive Order No. 20-8500-007 – Stay on evictions for nonpayment of rents (03.24.2020)

New York Yes Yes Executive Order 202.35 – Release of Phase 2 Industries from emergency orders (05.29.2020)

Executive Order 202.32 – Extension of COVID orders until 06.20.2020 (05.21.2020)

Executive Order 202.31 – Extension of state of emergency until 06.13.2020 (05.14.2020)

Executive Order 202.29 – Extension of COVID orders until 06.07.2020 (05.08.2020)

Executive Order 202.28 – Extension of suspension of eviction through 08.20.2020 (05.07.2020)

Executive Order 202.25 – Emergency extended until 05.29.2020 (04.29.2020)

Executive Order 202.18 – Continuing Temporary Suspension until 05.15.2020 (04.16.2020)

Executive Order 202.16 – Extension of all COVID-19 Orders until 05.12.2020. (04.12.2020)

Executive Order 202.14 – Extension of all COVID-19 Orders for 30 days until 05.07.2020. (04.07.2020)

COVID-19 FAQ – NYS Foreclosure, Eviction, and Consumer Debt. (03.30.2020)

Executive Order 202.9 – Forbearance of payments for a mortgage for any person or entity facing a financial hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic. (03.21.2020)

Executive Order 202.8 – No enforcement of foreclosure or eviction for a period of 90 days. (03.02.2020)

North Carolina Yes Yes Executive Order No. 142 – Temporary prohibitions on evictions (05.30.2020)

Executive Order No. 137 – Termination of State of Emergency (04.30.2020)

Halt on evictions extended to 06.01.2020 (04.07.2020)

Executive Order No. 124 – Restrictions on Evictions until 04.17.2020 (03.31.2020)

Judicial order halts evictions and foreclosures as non-essential proceedings (03.15.2020)

North Dakota Yes No Executive Order No. 2020-06.4 – Reopening businesses on 05.01.2020 (04.29.2020)

Supreme Court suspends eviction proceedings (03.26.2020)

Ohio Yes Yes Executive Order No. 2020-08D – Commercial Evictions and Foreclosures (04.01.2020)

Ohio Supreme Court has asked municipal courts to limit eviction and foreclosure proceedings (03.19.2020)

Oklahoma Yes Yes No applicable order.

Evictions and Foreclosures Policy Analysis during COVID emergency (04.01.2020)

No. 2020-29 – All courthouses closed, trials cancelled (03.25.2020)

Oregon Yes No Executive Order 20-24 – Emergency extended through 07.06.2020 (05.01.2020)

Executive Order No. 20-13 – Temporary Moratorium of residential and non-residential evictions (04.01.2020)

Executive Order No. 20-11 – placing a 90-day moratorium on any residential evictions for nonpayment of rent (03.22.2020)

Pennsylvania Yes Yes Emergency extended for 90 days (06.03.2020)

Stay-at-home order extended through 06.04.2020 (05.07.2020)

Protections from Foreclosures and Evictions through 07.10.2020 (05.07.2020)

Moratorium on evictions ends 05.11.2020 (04.30.2020)

PA Supreme Court Extends emergency period until 04.30.2020 (04.01.2020)

No PA renter can be evicted during the outbreak (03.31.2020)

State Supreme Court order that during the period of judicial emergency no eviction of resident for failure to pay rent until 4.03.2020 (03.18.2020)

Rhode Island Yes Yes Executive Order – Emergency Extension until 06.05.2020 (05.06.2020)

Executive Order – Extending emergency period until 05.08.2020 (04.08.2020)

Foreclosures and evictions have been suspended through the end of April for certain federally insured mortgages (03.31.2020)

Order that state courts will not process any residential or commercial evictions for the next 30 days (03.19.2020)

South Carolina Yes Yes Order No. 2020-04-30-02 – Evictions and foreclosure hearings shall resume on 05.15.2020 (04.30.2020)

2020-29 – Extension of Emergency for 15 days (04.27.2020)

Order re Statewide Evictions and Foreclosures. Evictions to be rescheduled after 05.1.2020; Foreclosures moratorium (03.18.2020)

South Dakota No No No applicable order
Tennessee No No Judicial Order No. ADM2020-00428 order extending state of emergency until 07.03.2020 and easing suspension of in-person court proceedings (05.26.2020)

Judicial plans to expand district judicial hearings available at: (05.06.2020)

Judicial order No. ADM2020-00428 suspends in-person court proceedings through 05.31.2020. (04.24.2020)

Texas Expired 05.18.2020 No Supreme Court 15th Emergency Order regarding the Covid-19 State of Disaster. “Beginning 05.19.2020, eviction proceedings may resume and deadlines are no longer tolled, and beginning 05.26.2020, warnings may be posted and writs of possession may be executed.” (05.14.2020)

Supreme Court 12th Emergency Order. “In any action for eviction . . . [n]o trial, hearing or other proceeding may be conducted, and all deadlines are tolled until after May 18, 2020.” (04.27.2020)

Utah Expired 05.15.2020 No Order suspending eviction for failure to pay rent until 05.15.2020 for residents affected by COVID-19. (04.01.2020)
Vermont No No Supreme Court administrative order #49 suspending until 05.31.2020 nonemergency hearings, but emergency landlord-tenant hearings can be held at the discretion of the judge. (amended 05.13.2020)
Virginia No (but recommended) No (but recommended) Judicial emergency extended through 06.28.2020 (06.01.2020)

Supreme Court 4th order modifying judicial emergency. Effective 05.15.2020, all courts may hear in-person non-emergency matters if they determine it is safe to do so (05.12.2020)

Judicial emergency extended through 06.10.2020. (05.06.2020)

Executive Order No; 55 (Temporary Stay At Home Order) extended to 06.10.2020. “All relevant state agencies shall continue to work . . . to assist Virginians in avoiding evictions or foreclosures.” (03.30.2020)

Washington Yes No (but recommended) Department of Financial Institutions Urges Mortgage Servicers to Postpone Foreclosures by 90 days. (03.20.020)

Proclamation #20-19.2 extends and expands the temporary moratorium on evictions related to residential dwellings and commercial rental properties through 08.01.2020 (06.02.2020)

st Virginia Expired 05.15.2020 No Supreme Court of Appeals Administrative Order re: Resumption of Operations (05.06.2020)

Supreme Court of Appeals Amended Administrative Order extending judicial emergency through 05.15.2020. (04.22.2020)

Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia judicial emergency declared through 05.01.2020. (04.03.2020)

Wisconsin Expired 05.26.2020 Yes Emergency Order #15, a temporary ban on evictions (for failure to pay rent) and foreclosures until 05.26.2020. (03.27.2020)
Wyoming No, but court hearings limited No Order extending COVID-19 emergency procedural orders to 08.03.2020 (05.20.2020)

Supreme Court 4rd amended order suspending non-emergency in-court proceedings until 08.03.2020. (05.15.2020)

Supreme Court judicial order suspending all in-person proceedings until 05.31.2020. (04.30.2020)

American Samoa No No No applicable order.
District of Columbia Yes Yes District of Columbia courts suspended evictions of tenants and foreclosed homeowners through 05.01.2020
Guam Yes Yes Guide to Eviction

Order No. ADM20-210 – Judicial order suspending certain activities until further notice. (03.16.2020)

EO 2020-16 – moratorium on foreclosures/evictions until the end of public health emergency

Northern Mariana Islands No No No applicable order.
Puerto Rico Yes Yes Commonwealth wide ordered delays or restrictions: All hearings and judicial matters at the courts of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico are suspended from 03.16.2020 to 04.12.2020. Only urgent matters will be entertained. (03.26.2020)

Judicial order staying all eviction proceedings in foreclosure cases and previous eviction orders until 05.30.2020. (03.19.2020)

Any judicial Supreme Court order that expires from 03.16.2020 to 07.14.2020 will be extended to 07.15.2020; expiration of 120 day terms between 03.16.2020 to 06.30.2020 will be extended to 08.29.2020 (05.22.2020)

U.S. Virgin Islands Yes No Suspension of Codes relating to landlord-tenant actions to recover possession of real property, demand for rent or forceable entry and detainer in effect during the state of emergency. (03.23.2020)

Restriction on entrance into courthouses. No civil or criminal jury trials will be conducted in the Superior Court of the Virgin Islands except for those already in process until further notice. (03.13.2020)

All orders of foreclosure and eviction not yet executed by 03.23.2020, shall automatically be stayed through 06.01.2020. (04.23.2020); Stay extended to 06.14.2020 with no automatic extension (05.28.2020) (03.20.2020 Order04.23.2020 Order)

No rental fee increases for residential or commercial leaseholds or tenancies at-will, effective 03.13.2020 and so long as state of emergency is in effect. (04.20.2020)

EO 2020-0009 establishes a task force to develop a plan for resumption of judicial operations (05.19.2020) (Task Force Plan recommends-resume foreclosures/evictions for non-residential, vacant and abandoned properties)