Common Sense Talk About Leasing Homes

by Greg Nino

Editor’s Note: If only tenants would tell the truth!  Here’s one property manager’s wish list for open communication:

landlord help1. If you have a beacon score of 19 please don’t tell us you have “okay” credit. You know damn well if you’re relying on rain water for showers or a 1997 burnt orange 10 speed to get around town that you have disgusting credit.  Please don’t lie. Just be honest, and you might find someone willing to help you. Honesty is always the best policy when renting.

2. So you have a 250 pound Rottweiler with an attitude problem. Please don’t try to be a slick daddy and tell us he’s “very old, sleeps all day, and is mainly an outside dog.”  We know that your dog doesn’t sleep all day. In all likelihood there’s a good chance that he’ll chew on the foundation, eat through electric wires and wipe his sphincter on the carpet. Dog’s ARE ANIMALS! We love them too, but WE KNOW HOW THEY ARE.

3. If you’ve been convicted of a felony please tell us before hand. Don’t wait until we’re in the house with you to tell us you were “accused” of a triple homicide but you got confused for some other guy in a purple pick up truck.

4. Did you just ask if the Landlord would “waive the security deposit?” Never gonna happen.

5. No, I won’t loan you the money for the security deposit.

6. No, I won’t put you on a payment plan for the security deposit.

7. If you work at ABC company, expect us to VERIFY employment and all financial income. Please don’t say you make $7,000 a month and to call “Joey” your supervisor. We’ll find out if Joey is one of your poker buddies answering phones that day. We’ll also find out if you make much less than the $7,000.00. Besides.. they don’t pay that much at Target.

8. Yes, we’ll notice everything after you move-in. We’ll find out if all your uncles, aunts and step cousins squish themselves into the game room as one big room. You’ll get evicted, don’t do this.

9. One of the ways we’ll find out is from ALLLLLL the phone calls by the neighbors! The 7 cars out front are a DEAD GIVEAWAY!
The bottom line is to be HONEST when renting. We’ll find out everything anyways!

It’s that simple!

Greg Nino is a property manager with RE/MAX West Houston Professionals, and is routinely available 7 days a week for prospects, customers and especially clients. Greg is a graduate of Stephen F. Austin State University and a USN Veteran who served on the USS John Hancock.

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