Landlord Quick Tip

Tip #66: I’m Not Myself!

by Barb Getty

Although I own and operate all my properties, none of my tenants know this.

landlord helpThey believe I’m the property manager.

This ploy protects me in many ways. When they want to paint the bathroom black (no way!), I tell them I’ll talk to the “owner” about it.

When they beg for a pit bull puppy (no way!), I talk to the “owner.”

During difficult evictions, it’s much easier (and safer) not being the owner.

Easier, also, when raising rents.

Barb Getty is a self-taught landlord who began with a single property and now owns and operates 29 units in downtown Indianapolis, including duplexes and single-family homes. Her second book, The Landlord Chronicles: Investing in Low and Middle Income Rentals, is available at

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