Credit Check for Tenants

The Credit Check for Tenants is an Essential Component of Screening Every Adult Rental Applicant

When you search creditcheck, you likely find a number of results. The American Apartment Owners Association is the leading landlord association in the country, providing all the credit check on tenants that you need as a landlord. There is no reason to click on anything else when searching for creditcheck sources.

Comprehensive credit check for tenants provided by AAOA is easy to access

Credit reporting agencies often make you wait for an extended period of time even when you need your credit check tenant information right now. AAOA understands that an applicant calls or comes to your office wanting to know where things stand on the credit check tenant information. At AAOA, we eliminate the wait and wait some more routine. Get your credit check on tenants when you need the information, not whenever the credit reporting agencies decide to send the information. AAOA simply asks your applicant to reply to our email. Once the applicant verifies their identity to perform the creditcheck and authorizes the release of the credit check tenant information to you, we quickly release the creditcheck information to you.

Credit Check for Tenants

Credit check on tenants is only part of the credit check tenant information needed to choose the best-qualified applicant

Credit report – The credit check itself tells you whether the prospective tenant has a history of making payments on time or if the applicant fails to demonstrate financial responsibility. It also sometimes reveals why an applicant wants to rent one of your properties. Learn whether the applicant simply has a long history of renting or is hiding a foreclosure or bankruptcy.

The results of the credit check tenants information is only one crucial component of the extensive creditcheck information that you need to have available before handing over the keys to a new tenant. The results of other credit check tenant screening forms quickly reveals whether an applicant qualifies to rent one of your rental properties.

Previous Address Tenant History – These days tenants know that the majority of landlords conduct some form of credit check tenant screening. However, the tenant with a history of evictions may attempt to hide the eviction history by omitting previous addresses when completing your credit check on tenants screening. This form screens your applicants for previous addresses, allowing you to match up addresses given when the applicant completed the creditcheck forms. If you discover addresses omitted by the tenant, this could raise red flags.

Eviction History – The eviction history gives landlords a more detailed look at the applicant’s rental history. Unbeknownst to some landlords the credit check on tenant form alone does not reveal an eviction history. Rely on this AAOA form when you purchase your tenant credit check packages to eliminate unqualified applicants and let other applicants continue in the credit check tenants screening process.

Criminal History – No landlord wants to rent to convicted criminals. If you conduct a criminal search on your own, trying to weed out those with a criminal history from further consideration in the credit check on tenant process, you could miss a great deal of information. Most criminal searches conducted on a home computer reveals information on misdemeanors or only local criminal offenses. With AAOA criminal history included in your choice of credit check on tenants packages, you can search by state or on a national level.

Terrorist and Sex Offender Search – Local criminal records do not contain federal crimes such as whether your applicant has a history of terrorist activity convictions or if the applicant is a sex offender. Including these searches in your credit check tenant searches gives you a sigh of relief that you avoid renting to someone with a history of these serious charges.

Social Security Number Fraud Check – Identity thieves do not just run up credit card accounts in another person’s name. They also perpetrate identity theft on unsuspecting landlords. Avoid renting to someone committing identity theft when you include the social security number fraud check in every tenant check for tenants screening. Quickly match the name and social security number returned in the search results with the information given by your applicant during the creditcheck process.

The American Apartment Owners Association provides all your credit check for tenants information quickly, in real time.

There is a variety of other creditcheck forms essential to screening every applicant. Avoid renting to whoever just waves money at a showing, thinking that you will not conduct comprehensive credit check for tenants screening.

When you trust AAOA as your go-to source for all your creditcheck needs you get comprehensive results that are always easy to access.