As a landlord, you likely feel the responsibility and desire to conduct comprehensive screening on every rental applicant and to rent to only the best-qualified tenants. Whether you are a first-time landlord of a single property or a landlord with decades of experience in renting multiple rental properties, you always want to make sure to cross every T and dot every I. The American Apartment Owners Association helps guide you with all the tools you need for tenant background checks, credit check for landlords, rental application needs, best tenant screening services and more. There is no longer any need to visit multiple websites or purchase the services, individual forms or packages you need from more than one source.

The Tenant Screening Glossary features links to crucial information and comprehensive services provided by the AAOA. The Tenant Screening Glossary provides all the links to virtually every aspect of tenant screening and multiple other resources so that you can easily and quickly find what you want the first time. Read detailed, factual information about conducting an Apartment Background Check. Learn how to conduct Best Tenant Screening services and how to avoid renting to an unqualified applicant when you connect to the Tenant Screening Report or Tenant Screening Services. Discover all the information you need in order to thoroughly screen every applicant, how to obtain all the forms you need from the AAOA and the variety of tenant background checks available to you as a landlord when you use the Tenant Screening Glossary.

Take the time to click through the Tenant Screening Glossary and connect to the most comprehensive, up-to-date information and services available. The American Apartment Owners Association understands that having your attorney draw up forms and assist you with providing all the Rental History information you need is time consuming and expensive. Learn why you no longer have to pay an attorney to conduct your landlord background check or wait, risking losing a potentially well-qualified applicant, while the credit bureaus may take days to provide you with results when you check tenant credit.

The AAOA is confident that once you visit each of the links in the Tenant Screening Glossary, it will become an invaluable guide to you as a landlord. Remember that every applicant is different and every tenancy is different, so special situations may come up at any time. That is why AAOA gives you choices that best suits your needs. At AAOA, we have attorneys and other professionals in the field on our team to ensure that you get the wealth of information and services that you need to protect your investments in your rental properties, while saving you time and money. We value your trust in us and strive to provide you with the very best services available.

We invite you to use the Tenant Screening Glossary to learn more about screening applicants and choosing the best-qualified prospective tenants. Discover the types of credit and background check information needed, along with the forms you need and how the AAOA can best serve you with all your tenant screening and other landlord services needs.