Criminal History Reports for Tenant Screening

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The American Apartment Owners Association is proud to offer statewide, nationwide, and repository tenant background checks.

Our statewide and nationwide criminal history reports are returned immediately. Simply request the report, check out, and instantaneously see the results 24/7. These instant criminal history reports are the most popular criminal background checks ordered on AAOA due to their ease of access. Other reports immediately returned include our tenant screening credit report, eviction history report, sex offender, terrorist, and most wanted searches too.

All states provide different means of access to their criminal history data. Some states provide direct access where we can retrieve a report in real time. Other states require the criminal history be purchased and secured stored allowing us to access it on dedicated servers. Whether the data is obtained direct or in-direct rest assured you’ll have accurate and reliable data included in your tenant screening background check to properly evaluate your prospective tenant.

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As required by the FCRA – Fair Credit Reporting Act – any non-conviction records older than 7-years will not be provided.

Contrary to instant criminal background checks we offer repository criminal history. A repository search means the report is not provided instantly and requires a manual verification of data. This occurs when a specific state does not allow the electronic sharing of their criminal court records. It may also not be a statewide issue but could affect smaller counties within any given state. If ordering a criminal history report via this method you’ll also receive a free search on sexual predator, most wanted and terrorist databases. Turnaround time for these criminal history reports can vary 1 to 30 business days.

There are no necessary landlord forms required to obtain a tenant’s criminal background history.

Many of our tenant screening packages include a statewide or nationwide criminal history report. Order one today and protect your real estate investment.