Eviction History Reports for Tenant Screening

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A tenant’s eviction history does not appear in a tenant screening credit report. For this reason the American Apartment Owners Association strongly advises all landlords, property managers, real estate agents and anyone renting to a prospective tenant to run a full background check – including an eviction history report.

Many prospective tenants may appear to be the perfect candidate but an eviction history report will provide you with more than just a first impression. Don’t judge your tenant by looks alone. An eviction history report will assist you in reducing the odds of having to evict or deal with a skipped tenant. Ordering your prospective tenant’s eviction history report will help you in avoiding costs down the road on lost rental income, damages, vacancy, and delinquent rent collection just to name a few.

When ordering a tenant screening background check with an eviction history report you can choose from a state-specific or nationwide database. All of the American Apartment Owners Association’s tenant eviction record searches are available instantaneously online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Many courts will refer to the eviction process as securing possession of the property. For example, a court would award you a judgment for possession. This means the court has sided with you and agrees you should be granted possession back of your property. If you are requesting money in addition to possession, the court may award you a judgment for possession and restitution. Or what some other courts may call a possession and monetary judgment. Keep in mind a possession only judgment will only appear on an eviction history report, not a tenant credit report

An eviction record search from AAOA will return the full eviction history with results that can include case number, location, plaintiff (usually the landlord), defendant (the tenant and sub tenants), satisfied date (if satisfied), judgment date (date entered by the court), judgment amount (amount awarded, if any), and more.

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Need to evict your tenant? Visit our landlord forms page and be sure to provide proper notice with AAOA’s Notice to Pay Rent or Quit form. You can also find eviction attorneys through the vendor directory.