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The American Apartment Owners Association provides tenant screening credit reports for landlords, property managers, real estate agents and any one legally renting to a prospective tenant. A tenant’s credit report provides you with a payment history on their accounts. This payment history will assist you in discovering if the renter will be able to pay their rent on time or not.

A tenant screening credit report, also known as a landlord credit report, will include the more recent addresses where the applicant has resided. An address history on the applicant will assist you in discovering how long they are likely to rent the unit and remain a residence.

A tenant screening credit report may reveal why the applicant is renting in the first place. Is there a foreclosure on their credit report? Did they recently have a bankruptcy case? Do inquires show attempts for a home loan? Or maybe they’ve never owned a home and they prefer the ease of renting vs. owning.

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The AAOA’s tenant screening credit report is a complete credit report providing you with the most comprehensive credit information available nationwide. The information contained in our landlord credit report is current, accurate, and relevant.

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Did you know you need a signed authorization from an applicant to run their credit report? AAOA provides this important landlord form free of charge! Visit our landlord forms for the application to rent form.

To run a credit report on a tenant or view our credit reports for landlords visit our tenant screening page.

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