Whether you are a long-time landlord or the landlord of your first rental property, the apartment credit check process helps you choose the best-qualified applicant. Landlords can no longer just take the word of an applicant regarding their income and rental history. You can no longer trust that a handshake guarantees you will get your rent on time. Apartment tenant screening is crucial each time that you have a new rental applicant.

Conducting a comprehensive apartment rental credit check provides the information you need to either give your applicant the keys or eliminate the applicant from consideration.

Do not fall victim to applicants who go from one property to another, hoping that the landlord will not perform a thorough apartment credit check. Identity theft is now increasing rapidly, with some perpetrators of identity theft duping landlords into renting to them. When you trust the American Apartment Owners Association for all your apartment rental credit check screening, you get the most reliable results, often in real time.

The American Apartment Owners Association is the largest landlord association in the country and the trusted, go-to source for many landlords across the country. Get the information you need when you need it when you choose the apartment credit check packages that best suits your needs.

Credit Report – The credit report is an important part of the apartment tenant screening process. Discover whether the applicant pays their accounts on time or has a chronic habit of making late payments.

Eviction History – The eviction history is crucial to every apartment credit check. Learn whether your applicant lied when claiming he or she did not have a history of evictions. Some tenants go from one property to another without paying rent or time and perhaps even damage the rental property. Weed out prospective tenants with an eviction history when you choose an apartment credit check package that screens for eviction by state or on a national level.

Criminal History – Criminals, like some tenants with a chronic eviction history, also move around in attempt to hide their background. When you choose your AAOA apartment rental credit check packages, choose whether you want to search criminal records on a state-specific or national level. Before you make your decision, remember that criminals often cross state lines to escape court dates or because they think a landlord in another state will not know about the criminal history.

Terrorist and Sex Offender Search – Terrorists and sex offenders often live in rental properties. Landlords can quickly eliminate applicants with a record for terrorist or sex offender crimes by selecting an apartment credit check package that includes these federal searches or by ordering the searches a la carte.

Social Security Number Fraud Check – Perpetrators of identity theft often use false social security numbers to hide previous evictions but others give fictitious social security numbers during the apartment rental credit check process as well. Criminals, sex offenders and applicants with a poor rental history sometimes commit social security number fraud by giving landlords incorrect social security numbers. Including the social security number fraud check ensures that you can match the name with the social security number as well as other crucial apartment tenant screening information.

Apartment Credit Check

Conducting a comprehensive apartment credit check can protect your investments in your rental properties. The apartment rental credit check also helps protects your reputation as a responsible landlord.

No landlord wants to lose money on his or her rental properties because of renting to poorly qualified tenants. You can lose money when your properties sit vacant after evictions or when tenants damage your rental properties. Your reputation as a landlord who only rents to the best-qualified applicants can also be tainted if your other tenants or neighbors complain about a new tenant. If the tenant uses your rental property to commit crimes, some jurisdictions take control of the rental property, essentially shutting the premises down as a nuisance property. When you conduct thorough apartment tenant screening on every adult applicant, you avoid many of the mistakes associated with renting to poorly qualified applicants.

When you select your apartment credit check packages from American Apartment Owners Association, you get reliable, comprehensive apartment rental credit check results with the most up-to-date information available.

In fact, you get many of the results from AAOA in real time. You receive the credit report, provided free with every AAOA apartment tenant screening package, shortly after your applicant responds to our quick email. Remember that trusting in just one company for all your apartment credit checks saves you time and money.