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Women and Foreign Direct Investors Summit 2022

“Due to matters beyond our control the WFDI Summit has been cancelled.  It’s with a heavy heart we announce this.

To our international attendees and keynotes unable to leave their countries, we stand with you and support you always.

We will be in touch when this Summit will once again be possible. 

Thank you,”

Kaylee McMahon | Event Organizer


To learn more or get tickets visit and use code AAOA to get $300 OFF.  

Women-Foreign Direct Investors 2022

What: The Women and Foreign Direct Investors Summit 2022 is one of the most prolific and exciting summits for women investors looking to network and find new investment opportunities.  Hosted by the feisty team of Apartment Queen Investments, this momentous occasion aims to get capital into the hands of women who own businesses and have real estate deals that need funding by connecting them with those who support financially empowering women. 

When: November 11-13, 2022 

Where: Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center – 1501 Gaylord Trail, Grapevine, TX 76051 

Who: Imagine the mix of attendees from the billionaires, celebrities and foreign investors to experts, family offices, sovereign wealth advisors, foreign banks, deal sponsors, private banks, and diversified asset sponsor groups! 

Why: This summit will give you the desire to link and connect, and purposely find new investment opportunities or to become a “trusted advisor” for someone with a mandate or directing capital for their organization/family. 

The team, headed by Kaylee McMahon and Jennifer Joyce, will elevate the success of every attendee. They pay close attention to women attendees by providing childcare during happy hours, giving hotel night stay discounts to have a family staycation, planned at a resort with water slides for the kids, and the ICE at the Gaylord is happening during this time!  All ticket holders also receive a discount at the spa to enjoy and relax. 

The team that will be heading the summit will break the generational concept that Foreign Direct Investment or FDI is not for women in business.  


What is a FDI (foreign direct investment)? 

An investment from a party in one country into a business or corporation on the other side of the world. This does not require you to be the head of a major corporation. (Yes, we will cover tax and law involved with these investments). 

Women, based on studies, have a high capability of establishing 30-60% better performing portfolio investments due to our risk-averse nature. Women are good at handling relationships and have the capability to broaden their business outside of their comfort zone.  

The Summit will cover EMPOWERING WOMEN THROUGH:  

    • Angel investing & venture capital 
    • Real estate 
    • Mergers and acquisitions 
    • Cannabis  
    • Oil and gas 
    • Gold and precious metals  
    • FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) 
    • Navigating taxes and legal for foreign investments into the US 
    • Becoming a trusted partner for overseas family offices and investors 
    • Market diversification tax incentives, legal structure, lessen labor costs, preferred tariffs, subsidies 
    • And More!!! 

Ladies and those who empower women, on November 11-13, 2022, do not miss the chance of creating connections and community. Imagine the unlimited networking all over the globe in one place! You also get to discover the money mindset and gain knowledge in terms of approaches and strategies in wealth creation.  

And the icing on the cake? The celebrities and experts that will truly inspire and motivate you in dealing with different investment strategies.  

On the side, there will surely be great entertainment and leisure. So, it will all be work and play! If you want to have the best of both worlds, be at the Women and Foreign Direct Investors Summit 2022! 

Join them in Grapevine, Texas @ The Gaylord Texan for four (4) days of fun filled with learning and networking with powerful “Shevestors” who want to fund, find, grow their businesses, or get foreign capital out of volatile/negative interest rate home countries! 

We look forward to helping more women get money into their hands this year. 

To learn more or get tickets visit and use code AAOA to get $300 OFF.