Twitter Sued After Failing to Pay Over $1.2 million in Oakland Rent: Court Docs

Elon Musk-run Twitter is facing yet another lawsuit over unpaid rent, and it’s in the East Bay this time, according to court documents filed in the Superior Court of the State of California.

Twitter has been renting space at 1330 Broadway in Oakland since the lease term began in 2021. The Delaware-based company which owns the property located on Broadway in Oakland claims they served a Notice of failure to Pay Rent to Twitter in December. In December, the company said Twitter owed a sum of $327,550.25.

Twitter was informed that if it did not pay the rent within three business days of the late notice, it would be considered a default on the lease, according to court documents. In January, a second default notice was sent to Twitter, stating that the company owed an additional $325,570.25 in unpaid rent, according to court documents.

In February, it happened again with another $324,570.25 being added to the owed funds. Unpaid March rent totaled $303,366.25, and the company says the unpaid rent caused another $1.2 million in damages. As of the court document’s filing date on April 4, Twitter had allegedly not paid the $341,039.99 owed in rent for the month.

Several other documents were attached to the court filing including confirmation of lease terms and an email sent to the administrators at Twitter in January 2022 confirming the lease.

Twitter has come under fire for failure to pay rent since mid-December when it was reported that the company had not paid rent at global offices for weeks. In January, Twitter faced a lawsuit from another landlord in San Francisco due to failure to pay rent.

Source: KRON 4