The Best Tenants Exhibit These Traits

Longtime landlords know that one of the keys to stress-free property management is finding high-quality types of tenants for every unit. Review the top five traits of a great tenant to find female real estate agent shows off new apartmentthe right people for your property.

Top Five Traits of a High-Quality Tenant

1. Responsible

Responsible renters pay rent on time, take care of the property, and let you know if anything needs repair.

To see how responsible potential renters are, check their credit score and employment history. Then, contact their previous landlords. Take their written and oral communication into account, too. If they are polite, show up on time (or let you know they’ll be late), and pass the tenant screening, they’re likely a good fit.

2. Honest

Many renters lie on their application in the hopes of getting the apartment. If individuals aren’t honest about how long they’ve held their job, what else will cause them to lie? The last thing a landlord needs is illegal subletters, pets in a no-pet apartment, or other problems that affect the quality of life for others.

Lies are unmasked when you check credit, employment and references. Request proof of income or call someone’s employer to ask about salary.

3. Committed

While not everyone needs a long-term rental, it benefits you to choose tenants who want to stay in the area rather than folks who only plan to stay short term. Someone who moved to the area for graduate school, recently started a job, or has family nearby may be more committed to staying in the apartment for several years. If a qualified, committed applicant applies for your rental, extend an offer quickly.

4. Low Maintenance

High-quality tenants are not high-maintenance renters who overreact or demand special treatment. In contrast, low-maintenance tenants communicate promptly when there’s an issue, but respect your boundaries and your time. They often handle little issues on their own, such as shoveling during a snowstorm or using drain cleaner to clear a light clog.
It is tiresome to manage a high-maintenance tenant and can adversely affect your experience as a landlord. If someone shows signs of being high maintenance — for instance, not listening to you and expecting you to drop everything to show him or her the apartment — it’s smart to deny his or her application.

5. Tidy

Renters who are tidy are apt to take care of the apartment. Keeping a neat space preserves the property’s value and mitigates against accidental property damage. Slobs are less likely to care for the unit. Gauge this characteristic by paying attention to grooming, hygiene and appearance. If someone looks put-together when you meet, he or she is probably tidy. If someone shows up in ripped, stained clothing, it could be a red flag.

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