Looking at a Good Tenant

by Robin Elliot

landlord helpAs I’ve said before, first impression doesn’t necessarily last, but it will make a difference – a big one.

It will affect your chances of getting that job you’ve always wanted, your chances of adopting an adorable child off an orphanage, and even your eligibility to rent out a property.

Leasing your property technically is having someone borrow it, and when you lend your stuff to someone, you have make sure the person’s gonna take care of it. Now as landlord and businessman at the same time, you have to examine prospect lessees closely, from the way they talk to the way they look and the way they carry themselves.

The first thing you’re going to notice about a tenant, of course, is his timeliness. Personally, I do value time and it affects greatly how I look at people. Responsible people normally don’t get there late unless they have a legitimate reason. Arrive 2 minutes earlier but never a second late.

Now when you finally get to meet a prospect, check out how they dress. I don’t really pay much attention to their clothing style, but rather how neat they are. Taste in fashion varies from person to person, almost as diverse as individual personalities. Clean and presentable-looking people only means that they actually take care of themselves. If prospects tag along children with them, examine if the child is well-taken care of, as well as how they behave themselves in front of you and their parents.

The closest thing a lessee has to a house is his car so check it out. I don’t mean the model, but rather the condition. The car mirrors how a person is as a care taker, apart from taking care of themselves and their children.

Straying away from how they look like, how is their attitude towards you? Are they civil and polite? Can you see into their eyes the sincerity of their words? Do you feel like they are honest about having a good background in paying rents in the past? Are they confident enough to answer all your questions, as well as have you run a background check about them?

If you have all these aligned, then it’s safe to assume that you can now take the next step.

The author owns and operates a successful property management company in Tampa, FL. He also is a very successful real estate investor purchasing more than 150 rental properties over the last 12 years. Please feel free to visit his website at Brandon Property Management.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Robin_Elliott 

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