Popular Smoke Detector Recalled

 Sales of a popular smoke-carbon monoxide alarm manufactured by Nest Labs have been halted while the company works out a glitch.

In a letter posted on its website, the company’s CEO explains that recent lab tests have lead managers to rethink the alarms “Nest Wave” function.

Nest Wave allowed the user to disable the alarm in the event it goes off accidentally, perhaps while burning the morning toast. A person could simply wave a hand shut off the alarm before waking the family, roommates or neighbors.

However, the company developed concern that its Nest Wave could be “unintentionally activated” during an actual emergency. Even though Nest Labs is “not aware of any customers who have experienced this”, the company felt it was a wise move to halt sales until it has fixed this function so it cannot be accidentally triggered.

If you have a Nest Lab unit with Nest Wave, the company can provide a fix. Check out the Nest.com website for instructions.

Fire and carbon monoxide detectors are crucial investments for apartment owners. Installing these devices isn’t just good insurance — its the law in most states.

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