Landlord Sued Over Faulty Repair

rentAn Ohio landlord is facing a lawsuit for $25,000 over faulty repair of a furnace.

The former tenant claims that she and her three children suffered symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning, and were treated at a hospital. In addition, the family was forced to move out of the rental, according to a
news report.

The report indicates that the furnace had been red-tagged prior to the tenant moving in, but that the landlord or his agent removed the tag and attempted to fix the furnace.

An unsafe level of carbon monoxide was present in the unit when firefighters arrived at the scene.

The landlord told reporters that he has a policy for dealing with furnace repairs, and that he was not aware of any carbon monoxide issues.

The damages claimed by the tenant include being homeless for several months after vacating the home. The case will be heard by a jury, according to the report.

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