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Are you frustrated or bored with the present state and look of your home? Do you want to increase the value? Adding a home remodeling project is the fastest, most economical way to add value while creating space that you love. In addition to making it more beautiful, the renovation may also make it more functional. Here are nine reasons to start a home remodeling project that will add years of enjoyment and visual wow to your house:

Sales Potential

For higher sales potential and value, the exterior of your home carries a lot of weight. To improving curb appeal, we suggest new landscaping design, replace the old roof, clean shutters and a fresh layer of paint or stain (or a light pressure wash). Current trends include natural colors for the exterior that blend in with the nature around it, such as the Racanteur line by Sherwin Williams.

Prepare For Retirement

Not selling and living in your house after your retirement is a big decision. Make sure to add some elderly-friendly features, such as step-in showers, handrails, ramps and more amenities for first floor living.

Go Green

Utilities are always raising their rates and there are so many ways to fight that these days. Replace your windows with energy efficient windows, improve and upgrade your insulation, add solar or geothermal to power your home. This will save on monthly bills.

The Kitchen

Your kitchen is the center of every home and lifestyles. This is where family and friends gather to spend most of their time. Ways to upgrade your kitchen include installing new appliances, upgrading your kitchen, and replacing your old cabinets. At the very least, adding a fresh coat of paint to the existing cabinets will help the kitchen look newer and add inexpensive beauty right from the get-go.

Bathroom Remodels

While your bathroom may be working fine, it is an easy and fast upgrade to remove that old medicine cabinet and replace it with a framed mirror. Add a modern shelf or install a vanity with drawers to put the medicine into. Upgrading the lighting will be an instant hit as well. If you plan to sell your home, bathroom remodels add value to the price of your home. You may consider a full and proper renovation.


You don’t have to waste your time looking at the pea-colored Formica countertops. Installing new countertops is not price-prohibitive and granite will add a lot of value to the space as soon as it’s done. Get this one done.

Minor Facelift

Even if your home is perfect just as it is, you can do a minor facelift that will make you love it even more. Painting the baseboards and walls to make them feel clean and fresh is a fast and economical way to get the home looking great immediately. If you are on a budget, this is a good alternative.

The Basement

If you are sick of using your basement as a storage unit, we suggest that you transform it into a good living space or an entertainment area for the kids or family to watch movies. This will add to the overall value of your home as well.

Open Up The Spaces In Your Existing Home

Instead of looking for a new house to live in, consider opening up what you already have. You can remove the wall that comes between your kitchen and dining room that has annoyed you for years. In addition, living rooms that look through to your kitchen are also very popular by adding light throughout and flow that your inhabitants can enjoy room to room.

Home upgrades and remodeling can be a fun, creative, cost efficient to add functionality and beauty to your existing home.


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