NMHC Announces New Initiative to Support Residents at White House Meeting

Foundation Supporters Include 100 Organizations Representing Over 3.7 Million Apartment Homes Nationwide

Washington DC The White House Shutterstock_104517125 The National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC) launched the Foundations for Rental Housing—a groundbreaking effort aimed to support residents as they build their lives in rental communities. The announcement follows a meeting between NMHC leaders and the White House to discuss how housing providers can better implement resident-centered housing management practices.

NMHC members and leadership met at the White House with senior Biden administration officials including Jared Bernstein, White House Chair of the Council of Economic Advisers, and engaged in a thoughtful and comprehensive discussion about solutions to housing policy challenges facing communities throughout the nation. It is clear that there is so much agreement by rental housing providers, lawmakers and other housing advocates on housing policy solutions that will lead to lower housing costs and broader housing equity and opportunity, including the need to dramatically increase the number of rental housing units.

The Foundations identify six core concepts that form the basis of a positive relationship between rental housing providers and residents. The Foundations were developed with input from members of NMHC, rental housing operations experts and focus groups of renters and homeowners across the country.

“NMHC is delighted to partner with the White House in meeting the goals of the White House’s Resident-Centered Housing Challenge. The Foundations for Rental Housing underscore how housing providers support their residents by creating homes where they can feel valued and build their lives,” said Sharon Wilson Géno, NMHC’s President. “We see the Foundations as the basis for building positive relationships in the rental housing communities, however, many NMHC members are already going “above and beyond” these principles to support their residents.”

As of today, 100 multifamily apartment providers and supporters representing 3,762,482 apartments in 50 states and D.C. have signed on to the Foundations for Rental Housing outlined below:

  • Engage with residents to foster an atmosphere of mutual respect, trust and communication.
  • Have procedures in place to respond to resident requests.
  • Comply with all applicable anti-discrimination, fair housing and fair credit laws.
  • Support residents who express an interest in enhancing their credit through rent payment reporting.
  • Respond to requests from residents facing financial hardship who are seeking external resources.
  • Rights and responsibilities of lease holders and housing providers will be contained in the lease documents.

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Each housing provider is encouraged to implement these principles based on the type of housing provided, the resident community, state and local laws and other factors. NMHC will continue to work with rental housing providers across the country to expand the adoption of these Foundations by additional multifamily firms.

Additionally, NMHC has developed and launched a new Housing Help Hub webpage which includes resources for renters and rental housing providers to support building positive rental housing relationships and assist renters in financial distress. These initiatives were developed to meet NMHC’s commitment to the Administration’s Resident-Centered Housing Challenge announced last January.

Learn more about the Foundations for Rental Housing and the NMHC Housing Help Hub.

Source: Businesswire