New Device Designed to Monitor Landlords

 A start-up company named Heat Seek NYC, run by a group of Manhattan volunteers, is launching a new monitor that will prove if landlords in NYC are keeping rental properties warm this winter.

In the past, it’s been hard to prove a heat complaint because tenants can’t always monitor the exact temperature. Now, tenants can ask that a sensor be installed in the apartment. The sensor will take the temperature each hour, and then record that information. The goal: to use the data in housing court to bust landlords who are are not supplying heat.

The company has enjoyed popularity with the press. The latest tweet from Heat Seek NYC shows that it is just a few hundred dollars shy of its initial $10,000 goal needed to begin mass manufacture and distribution of the devices. The plan then is to give away sensors for free to the “neediest” tenants in the city. According to a spokesman, there are over 200,000 complaints each year from tenants who are suffering through the cold.

A web app will be available for tenants and housing advocates to monitor units for compliance with statutes and court orders.

Landlords can install the devices as well in order to monitor building heating systems.

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