Moving Made Easy: The Power of Automating Resident Onboarding

Moving to a new place is often accompanied by excitement and stress. According to a survey commissioned by North American Van Lines, 64% of respondents consider their most recent big move to be one of the most stressful experiences they’ve ever had (Anderer, 2020). To alleviate the stress associated with moving and ensure a seamless transition, automating the resident onboarding process is becoming a must-have solution for multifamily.

The Multifamily Moving Trends

Automated moving Shutterstock_520277449 Before delving into the benefits of automating resident onboarding, let’s look at some moving trends. In 2023, Florida emerged as the most popular state people moved to, while California witnessed the most frequent departures (Huisache, 2023). Interestingly, if money were no object, Americans would prefer to move to Los Angeles, California. The top reasons for moving in 2022 were to improve the quality of life, live in a more affordable area, and secure a larger living space (Huisache, 2023).

The Challenges of Manual Resident Onboarding

While moving trends give us insights into where people are heading, the process itself is often riddled with hurdles. Traditional, manual resident onboarding methods can lead to critical errors and delays in obtaining the required paperwork. Overworked and understaffed teams have their plates full, managing day-to-day operations, attending to resident complaints, and ensuring compliance with regulations. Amidst the workload, important steps can be overlooked, leading to files that are not compliant and delays in communication with new residents.

For instance, imagine a scenario where a resident forgets to bring move-in money in verifiable funds. This seemingly minor oversight can prevent them from getting the keys on the scheduled move-in date, causing delays for movers and adding extra stress, frustration, and dissatisfaction, especially if their move-in day happens when banks are closed.

New Must-Have Features: Partnering with the Right Technology

When it comes to streamlining resident onboarding, the right technology partner can make all the difference. Here are the essential features to look for in a cutting-edge platform:

    • Move-in Money: Simplify the move-in process by reminding new residents about their move-in money and collecting it in advance. This provides security for both your management company with certified funds and the resident, as it eliminates one less thing to deal with on the move-in day. With the ability to collect move-in payments with just a single click, delays are reduced, and financial transactions are streamlined.
    • Welcome Emails: Ensure your residents start off on the right foot with personalized welcome emails. Through the platform’s automation, you can remind residents of things they may overlook, such as turning on their electric service or purchasing mandatory renters’ insurance before their move-in day. Remember, the new resident’s schedule gets more hectic as the move-in day approaches, so a well-timed welcome email can be a game-changer.
    • Move-in Scheduling: Empower your new residents with the ability to choose a preferred date and time for important move-in tasks. From signing documents to collecting keys and reserving the elevator, this feature ensures a seamless and stress-free move-in process on the actual move-in day. Say goodbye to move-in day hassles and hello to a smoother experience.
    • Utility Management: Reduce workload for your team and prevent accidental utility payments by having residents directly upload account information for easy verification. This must-have feature streamlines utility setup and tracking, making the process a breeze. Automated reminders also help residents stay on top of their utility responsibilities.
    • Renter’s Insurance: Simplify the process of renters’ insurance for your residents by providing them with the ability to purchase or upload policies in one convenient location, such as an app. This feature not only makes life easier for your residents but also lightens the load for your on-site team.
    • Online Marketplace: Enhance your residents’ move-in experience by offering exclusive promotions from local partners. Whether it’s deals with movers, cleaners, or pet sitters, this feature adds value and convenience to the move-in process.
    • Inspection Checklists: Ensure compliance and reduce errors with in-app checklists for easy inspections. With the added benefit of using a mobile device for pictures and notes, your team can efficiently handle inspections, creating a win-win situation for both residents and property managers.
    • Pet and Vehicle Registration: Make pet and vehicle registration hassle-free for your residents while integrating the information seamlessly into your CRM. This feature not only saves time for your team but also ensures accurate and up-to-date records.
    • Document Sync: Keep important files, insurance documents, and pet/vehicle info in sync with Yardi/RealPage. This feature eliminates manual data entry and ensures all necessary information is readily available when you need it.

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The Benefits of Automating Move-In Processes

Embracing automated move-in processes offers many advantages that can elevate multifamily properties above the competition. Whether it’s about enhancing the move-in experience, boosting resident retention, or lightening the workload for on-site teams, automating resident onboarding paves the path to a brighter future for property Citations.

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