AAOA’s Rental Housing Conference & Expo Exhibitor Feature – Meet pdqSMART Keyless Mobile-Enabled Locks

pdqSMART, a division of PDQ Manufacturing, is a market leader in keyless, Bluetooth, mobile-enabled access control solutions. People all over North American use PDQ products to provide total control over who can access what, where, and when. Since 1983, we have manufactured our products in the USA and built our business on the principle of providing the best quality access control products at affordable pricing.

If your residents live an active lifestyle, keys can be a drag. It’s a pain to walk the dog or go for a run with keys bouncing in your pocket. And good luck trying to find a secure place to hide the key until you return. For all those times, residents come home with their hands full – controlling a pet, carrying a child or after grocery shopping– your residents certainly don’t want to be fumbling around to unlock a door.

pdqSMART allows residents to enjoy a more straightforward way to access their home. Using a smartphone, RFID card, PIN code, Apple watch, smart remote or key, young and old can easily gain access however they feel comfortable. Added convenience means happy tenants.

Keyless locks can enhance your value proposition to prospective tenants. Millennials are driving occupancy and consider technology a necessity rather than a luxury. They prioritize safety, security, and convenience and are willing to pay for it. Progressive properties will beat out the laggards every time.

Our state-of-the-art electronic access control systems provide an out of the box smart lock solution for multi-family properties. The products are wireless which eliminates the hassle and need for costly wiring, control panels and IT support. Plus, the smart locks are future-proofed. With over-the-air updates (just like a smartphone), you’ll never have to worry about your locks becoming obsolete. They just keep getting smarter!

pdqSMART’s networked access control delivers a flexible access control management system that is great for new construction and retrofit properties. Turn your dumb locks into smart locks in under 8 minutes. Our keyless smart locks fit the same mounting holes as your old locks, so swap-outs are a breeze.

Smart locks provide on-the-go control for property managers

  • Grant and revoke access in the blink of an eye
  • Monitor access in real time
  • Easily track who comes and goes with an audit trail
  • Scheduling access saves time and adds convenience
  • Push notifications instantly alert you to lock activity

Operational flexibility, efficiencies, and reduced costs

  • Control access 24/7, even remotely from anywhere in the world
  • The pain of key management is eliminated
  • No more lockouts, the tenant’s phone becomes their key
  • Re-keying is a thing of the past (sorry Mr. Locksmith)
  • Eliminate wasted time, no need to meet the plumber, just send him an access code without ever having to leave your desk
  • Instantly make changes when tenants, staff or maintenance people come and go
  • Mitigate risk, critical security breaches due to the loss or theft of a resident’s key are no longer an issue
  • Virtual tours are a snap, just send prospects an access code, even at midnight

So, whatever you want to secure and control – pdqSMART has the solution for you.

Visit pdqSMART’s Booth and WIN

  • Earn a chance to WIN a Keyless Smart Lock
  • Learn how SMART locks can transform your property

For more information, email: [email protected] or visit our website www.pdqsmart.com.