Maximize Resident Engagement

By Brittani Brodt

Sure, you can text them about your upcoming Pizza in the Clubhouse – but should you?

Key Texting’s Tips to Maximize Engagement

Recent stats show that 90% of the US population prefers to text with a business over a direct phone call. But does everyone want to receive the texts you’re sending? How do you make sure your residents are receiving your messages, and more importantly, that they don’t choose to reply STOP and opt-out of the communication once they receive it?

Before you hit that SEND button consider these 4 texting etiquette tips:

  • It’s all about your audience: Is the message you are sending relevant or beneficial to the recipient(s)?
  • Keep it short: Text is not email! The best messages are less than 160 characters… that’s why we have emojis.
  • To blast or not to blast? Group messages need to apply to all recipients. When you are shutting off the water in the building, people need to know. Blasting is the #1 reason users opt-out.
  • Be ready to respond: When it comes to texting people expect a prompt reply.  If it’s after hours, how are you managing this?

The bottom line? Think before you text. If your community is having a “bark and swim” at the end of the year, does the whole community need to know? Not necessarily. Not all residents are pet owners. Email and Facebook event pages are still relevant. You will maintain engagement with your residents by following the tips above and keeping your messaging intentional.

Another reason to focus on 1:1 messaging as your primary channel unless absolutely necessary, is that phone carriers are increasing restrictions and blocking content from phone numbers that regularly mass text. This gets flagged as spam and could ultimately send your phone number into the phone carriers’ list of blocked numbers. If you aren’t partnered with a company like Key Texting, you might not even be aware that this has happened to you.


Take your texting to the next level, and always have the last word. The Ritz Carlton has a beautiful customer service approach and is sure to always close the conversation. If the text reads “thank you” don’t end the conversation there – instead, consider having the last word with a phrase like:

“Our pleasure. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you.”

Key Texting provides a modern and robust platform that your team can access from any device, anytime, anywhere. It fully integrates with your property management software and makes it super easy to engage in 1:1 conversations. Our 24/7 support team ensures we have you covered whenever you need us. Schedule your 20-minute demo by texting us at 415.325.2191 or visit us online at

SOURCE: The Local Project


Brittani Brodt is the VP of Business Development at Key Texting. Key is a browser-based software that fully integrates with your property software. The easy-to-use platform provides leasing teams with a tool they can use to effectively engage in 1:1 conversation with residents and prospects from any devices anywhere, at any time.

You can contact Brittani at [email protected].