Are You Ready to Work 24/7?

Study Exposes the 24/7, Mobile-Driven Lifestyle of Residential Rentals

 Did you know that almost sixty percent of all online rental housing search activity is done outside of normal business hours? And that over one-third of all rental housing search activity is performed on a mobile device?

These are just some of the intriguing findings published in a study conducted by Chicago-based ShowMojo, the only online service that enables landlords, property managers, and leasing agents to schedule and confirm showings with prospective renters.

The company says it published the report after analyzing the data it had collected from the 2013 summer rental season.

The study, titled “The 24/7, Mobile Rental Search Culture”, delves into past search and appointment scheduling behaviors and details a rental industry that is active 24/7.

Some of the more surprising findings include:

Approximately 52% of prospective renters submit their showing appointments outside of regular business hours when that option is available.

Prospects submit showing appointments on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) 30% of the time.

Mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) are used 70% of the time for post-scheduling activity such as responding to confirmation requests.

The complete study can be accessed at

With its growing suite of features including show-time clustering, automated follow-ups, custom screening questions, and tenant/owner notification, ShowMojo says it can reduce by up to 80 percent the time residential real estate companies spend booking showings, coordinating the schedules of multiple parties, and nurturing prospective renters or buyers.

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