Make FINDING & GETTING The Right Renters Through The Door Easier!

In property management, finding the right renters to become tenants is often half the battle to making your life a whole lot easier. It can often feel like you’re a cat chasing your tail!

You should be looking for a leasing automation platform that can set you up to find the right, or better yet, GET the right renters through the door for your property showings.

With ShowMojo and our Prospect-Driven Leasing Process, your prospective renters self-serve their way through the leasing journey. They will:

  • Answer questions in a pre-showing questionnaire that YOU customize to fit YOUR needs
  • Get the information they need about the showing – when they need it
  • Schedule based on the availability and showing style that works for you (or your leasing team)
  • Automatically confirm their showings (or reschedule if necessary)
  • All without you having to lift a finger!

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    If we’ve heard it once, we’ve heard it twice – you work hard to get the right renters to your properties and to your website. ShowMojo not only sends that prospect information directly to you and your team, we continue to nurture those prospective renters until they become your tenants. ShowMojo leasing automation keeps them informed of listing updates that matter to them and can even follow up a year or two down the road.

    We’ve got cell phones that talk back, cars that drive and park for us, homes that can be controlled from anywhere, and that automation continues with leasing.

    We’ve created the easiest prospective renter experience at ShowMojo! We wanted to ensure that your prospective renters could self-serve their way through the leasing journey. Putting the prospect in the driver’s seat is not meant to take away from the personal touch they’re used to from your team, it’s meant to give them immediacy they can be assured of. Your team doesn’t work 24/7, but ShowMojo does, allowing you and your team the time to do what you do best: providing that first-class, hands-on service during face-to-face times.

    It’s making changes in your property management business to save renters from going through these extra steps that TRULY saves you from the extra phone calls and brings you to a true level of Leasing Automation.

    If you’d like to chat about making this Prospect-Driven Leasing Process a reality for your Property Management business, reach out to the ShowMojo team today.

    About the Author: 

    Abi Wasserman, Sales Manager, ShowMojo

    My entire professional career has revolved around the property management industry. Starting in the advertising side of the business and working my way up through the ranks, I even gained the unforgettable experience working of in a property management office. After more than a decade, I’m back on the vendor side of an industry I love, as an advocate for property management professionals. I’ve been there and I know that with each new day in property management, there’s a chance the game changes. I have a passion for working to help property managers identify areas for process improvement in their business while helping them implement new solutions for growth strategies, all the while helping them strengthen their business. Since joining the team at ShowMojo, I’ve been working with PM businesses to help them focus on automating the residential leasing process, delivering significant cost and time efficiencies for everyone involved.