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You have to give credit where credit is due.

Last month, we reported on a city’s new ‘green’ plan that had landlords seeing red.

Boulder, Colorado’s “SmartRegs” program placed the burden on landlords to lower their tenants’ energy usage. See New Regs: Tenants Win, Landlords Pay.

The plan requires landlords to upgrade rental properties before a rental license can be renewed.

Opponents sited concern that the program wouldn’t work because ultimately tenants control their own energy usage.

But now, the Emerald City is offering to put its money where its mouth is by launching a pilot program to give free energy upgrades to rental property owners.

Once the upgrades are in place, the city is in a better position to monitor the success of the SmartRegs program.

At no cost to the property owner, buildings or units will be analyzed for energy efficiency and upgrades will be completed to meet proposed energy efficiency code requirements.

So, if you own a rental property in Boulder, here’s your opportunity to go green without paying the high price. But hurry! Applications must be in by January 15.

A complete program application, including building criteria and program conditions, can be found at

Applications can be submitted:

  • Online
  • E-mail
  • Fax

For more information about the SmartRegs project, visit

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